Quiz: Are You Walmart or Target?

target-dogDo you prefer Walmart or Target? It seems like everyone has an opinion about what they like better – Walmart or Target. Walmart’s cheaper. Target’s snazzier. Walmart’s open 24 hours a day. Target has pretty, shiny things to buy. Walmart and Target are both awesome places to shop, especially when you are looking for a great price on a variety of items.

You may feel like there is a big difference between Walmart shoppers and Target shoppers, and you would be right. While most people prefer shopping at Walmart to Target,  more urban, yuppie types tend to like Target better. Target shoppers tend to be more trend and image oriented, while Walmart folks are looking to buy in volume on a budget. I’m not stereotyping, y’all – there are studies to back this up!

I can see both sides to this Walmart vs Target debate- as I think I am both a Walmart and Target person at times. (Though I have to say that I try to avoid big box stores whenever I can, something that’s getting harder and harder these days.) Walmart is great for when you need, oh I don’t know, a replacement air conditioner at 3:30AM. And Target is just so fun for browsing around in a red cart, discovering quirky new products. While I wish I could buy all my goods on Main Street from family businesses, it seems like that ship sailed generations ago.

What about you? Are you more like Walmart or Target? Take my quiz Are You Walmart or Target? to find out.

Give Are You Walmart or Target?  a try, and let me know what you think. Do you have a preference between Walmart and Target? Or are you like me and try to buy things at other places? Let me know what your shopping preferences are, especially during this holiday season.


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