Quiz: Should You Celebrate Buy Nothing Day?


Happy Buy Nothing Day!

Happy Black Friday!

Wait… what? If you haven’t noticed, it’s sort of a confusing day today. It’s both Buy Nothing Day and Black Friday. On the one had, we have a day that rallies against consumerism – Buy Nothing Day. On the other hand, Black Friday is all about consumerism… scoring some deals on holiday gifts.

I feel like both events are very valid. First of all, I’ll defend Black Friday a bit. Yes, many people do take it too far with fighting over items, standing in line for hours, and buying things that they don’t need. It is such an insane consumer extravaganza. However, I do shop Black Friday sales myself, selectively. I do feel like the holidays are too oriented towards gifts, but I also do buy people gifts on a limited budget. I think we all agree that there’s some huge savings on Black Friday, and I don’t fault anyone for wanting to save some money on their holiday shopping – me included.

On the other hand, I also do feel like the holidays are way too commercial. For so many people, love is expressed by buying things we can’t afford and that our family and friends don’t need anyway. I love the idea of homemade gifts, repurposed items, and even the gift of time or service. And I think Buy Nothing Day supports this – which I think is awesome. To be completely honest, in an ideal world, I would fully participate in Buy Nothing Day every year because that is where my heart is at.

So what are we to do? First of all, take my new quiz – Should You Celebrate Buy Nothing Day? You’ll learn whether you should shop til you drop today or drop out of the consumer rat race.

Take Should You Celebrate Buy Nothing Day? , and let me know what you think. What did you get on this quiz? Do you think the holidays are too commercial in general? I’m curious to know what you think of a movement like Buy Nothing Day.

What do you think?

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