Quiz: What Holiday Pie Are You?


Have you ever heard the expression, there’s always room for pie?  This is basically the motto I live my life by, at least during the holidays. I just love this magical time of year where you can eat a full feast, and then an hour or two later, you miraculously have room for pie 😉

So yes, one of my favorite things about the holidays is pie. Pumpkin pie, apple pie, cherry pie, pecan pie… I love them all. Whipped cream or ice cream? I’ll have both. Thanks for asking! I have even been known to eat pie for breakfast. It’s the best cure for a holiday hangover, I swear.

When it comes to holiday pies, I really do love them all. However, in my opinion, the best pie is homemade. I especially love pie with homemade crust, which is something I haven’t mastered. So yes, my homemade pie does involve store bought crust 😉 But let’s be real, I can’t swing a semi-homemade pie every year. And bakery or frozen definitely gets the job done in those cases.

Hungry yet? Well, you’re about to get even hungrier after you take my quiz, What Holiday Pie Are You? You’ll learn which holiday pie best matches your personality, and after that, I implore you to go eat that pie. Or your favorite pie. Or any pie really! Go ahead, indulge yourself with a piece of pie. It’s the holiday season, after all.

Take What Holiday Pie Are You?, and let me know what you get on this quiz. Does it match your pie preference? Why or why not? What is your favorite holiday pie? Comment below and let me know. And this may be the ideal quiz to take with your crew on Thanksgiving evening. Just a thought 🙂 After all, anything is better than talking politics.

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You Are Mince Pie

You are misunderstood, but that’s understandable. You’re a pretty complicated person, and you aren’t exactly what you seem.
During the holidays, you tend to keep to yourself a fair amount. You need a lot of alone time in order to recharge.

Your ideal holiday is quiet and calm. You don’t want to be a total hermit, but you prefer to be surrounded by the people you are closest to.
You believe that the holidays are sacred and to be cherished. You don’t want to share them with just anyone.

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