Quiz: Are You Christmas or Thanksgiving?


Another year of holidays, another chance for debate… What’s better, Christmas or Thanksgiving? I always think I fall solidly into the Thanksgiving camp, until Thanksgiving is over. Then I’m looking forward to Christmas. So I guess I’d say I prefer Thanksgiving eleven months out of the year and Christmas one month out of the year! All seriousness aside, I go back and forth a lot over which holiday I like best.  I love all of the food and planning associated with Thanksgiving, but I also love the coziness and traditions of Christmas. Thank goodness we have both holidays each year.

Some people prefer Thanksgiving because it’s a short holiday centered around eating. Not much stress is involved, and at least you’re full at the end. Sure, you don’t get presents, but you do get to eat your favorite foods. In my opinion, pumpkin pie almost pushes Thanksgiving over the edge. Not to mention football. And you don’t have to worry about what gifts to get everyone. Not to mention, Thanksgiving is a lot easier on your wallet (unless you’re doing all the hosting).

Some people prefer Christmas because of Santa, presents, and sweets. Christmas seems to get longer every year, and true fans love it that way. It’s true that you don’t get all the Thanksgiving classic foods automatically at Christmas, but who’s to say you can’t serve them anyway? And did we mention Christmas cookies? And fruitcake? Well, maybe that one is a minus. It’s hard to compete with the feeling of opening presents on Christmas morning.

So what about you? Take my quiz Are You Christmas or Thanksgiving?, to find out! And happy holidays either way!

Give Are You Christmas or Thanksgiving? a go, and let me know what you think. Which holiday do you prefer? Or are you like me and have trouble choosing between Christmas and Thanksgiving?

What do you think?

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