Quiz: What Chess Piece Are You?

Do you play chess? I used to play chess a lot when I was young – only casually though! I was no Bobby Fischer 🙂 It has been one of my goals to pick chess back up as an adult, but it seems so intimidating now. I’ll probably have to start off playing a computer. Not that computers are easier to beat than humans – just the opposite in fact. I just know a computer won’t judge me for being a bad player!

Even if you don’t play chess, you probably understand how the game relates to real life. Like chess, life is all about strategy and power. It’s less about the particular pieces and moves and more about playing with the board you’re given. Whether you’ve played chess hundreds of times or never touched a chess board, I am sure that you can get the dynamics of a chess game. It’s like any other one on one game in life.

We all play different pieces on the figurative chessboard in everyday life, and these pieces change over time.  Some of us feel like pawns with very few options. Others feel like kings – with all the power to lose and protect. Others feel like queens – well taken care of but ready to strike when necessary. Some of us feel like knights and move a little different than the rest of the world.

Take my quiz: What Chess Piece Are You? Learn exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are on the game board of life. As I mentioned before, you definitely don’t need to be a chess master to take this quiz. If anything, this chess quiz may spark some interest in chess for you.

Take What Chess Piece Are You? and let me know what you get on this quiz! What do you think of your result? Is it accurate? What chess piece do you think you’re most like in real life?

What do you think?

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