You’re Not Alone if You Want a Scone

whatkindofsconeareyouI’m not a huge scone eater, but there’s something about the simple scone that calls out to me. It’s more refined than a biscuit or a muffin. Eating a scone makes me feel like a true Anglophile, especially when I eat one with tea.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never had a scone or whether they’re your favorite morning treat. My latest quiz What Kind of Scone Are You?, is perfect for you either way. How can I be sure? The outcomes are so tasty, you’ll have your mouth watering. Even if you just ate breakfast!

3 Replies to “You’re Not Alone if You Want a Scone”

  1. You Are a Cranberry Scone

    The early part of your day is filled with a bit of confusion and grumpiness.
    You may enjoy the taste of breakfast, but you are certainly not a morning person in any other way.

    Mornings are very difficult for you. Most days you’re just trying to survive until lunch.
    You’re the type most likely to not have a scone unless someone gives you one. Getting a nice breakfast together isn’t exactly you’re strong point.

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