Want a Vampire Boyfriend or Girlfriend? Take This Quiz: Should You Date a Vampire?

sexy vampireAre vampires sexy or scary? Maybe a little of both! These creatures of the night certainly seem to have an appeal. Do you agree? Are you attracted to vampires?

So many people tell me on my blog that they want a vampire lover, but I’m not sure that they’re ready. Not everyone can handle a vampire boyfriend or girlfriend. Do you have what it takes?

When it came down to it, would you really want to have a romantic relationship with a vampire? Being with a vampire takes a certain skill set. You have to be tough yet innocent. Not everyone gets to have a vampire boyfriend or girlfriend, even if we all want one.

What about you? Should a vampire date you? My quiz will tell you if you’re ready to take a vampire or not! Don’t get mad if me if it says you can’t… I only speak the bloodcurdling truth 🙂 Take my latest quiz, Could You Date a Vampire? to find out if you’re vampire dating.

Who knows? Your next love could be a vampire! Or maybe you’d be better off with a ring of garlic around your neck. Let me know what you think of this quiz and what you get as your result. Do you agree with your quiz outcome?

Discussion questions:

  1. Would you love to be bitten by your vampire? Or would it get annoying after a while?
  2. What would make you a good girlfriend or boyfriend for a vampire?
  3. What famous vampire would you most like to date?
  4. Why would you like a vampire boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you hoping to be turned into a vampire?

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97 replies on “Want a Vampire Boyfriend or Girlfriend? Take This Quiz: Should You Date a Vampire?”

I am interested in meeting a real vampire because so many people believe that religion is the only existing life answer. I myself am someone who has lived a religious life but find it fascinating to know that there are other types of groups of people out there. I love learning and traveling the unknown. If there are real vampire men around I would love to meet and talk so that I can get a perspective on that which is unknown.

I’m bailey. And I want a vampire bf bc I don’t want to be normal anymore I’m tired of being a human I love vampires I’d do anything in my power to save them or protect one and I’d even give it my blood no matter what.i thought I’d find the right guy but I was wrong. Vampire bf r better than any human. If there’s any chance of Me getting a vampire bf… ✌

Hi I’m serious, ready and its important to me..I need to talk to a vampire.You are one of them out there

Hi my name’s Ashlee I’m a transexual looking for a vampire boyfriend iam long blonde hair iam 22 years old living Catskill upstate ny

Myself aryan martin and I m the last vampire on your earth if u want to believe then believe me otherwise don’t mah what’s aap….7380688666 I need girls blood

Hello my name is shelley and I was married to a vampire but he died in 2014 and I have no idea why.. please call me asap I need to be married to another vampire… i always felt safe with him..

I love it. I want a vampire boyfriend. They r cool and will protecte me. And Iwould want to be turned. I love vampires. Please find one for me.

I am ready I study them all the time and other un godly things I took ur quiz and it said am ready for my vampire boyfriend if u could help me find one let me know

I am a vampire i just want to have a little bite of fun so is answer your quez then it say me you will meet a vam that is hot or power ful

I am ready to cherish my vampire for all of eternity. Male our Female is not important. But the love, commitment, and acceptance of the change is a must. Come be my King/Queen now. I have been calling for you for several decades.

I am looking for my vampire girlfriend to love and protect always. I don’t know if vampires exist or not but I hold on to my small hope that they do and that there is that special one for me. I am saving up, so that one day I can travel to Romania. If nothing else I here the country is beautiful and the people are likely to welcome you into their homes before you can tell them your name. Oh and I am 25.

Well good news they do exist not like the Hollywood vampire but we are out there I am one of many you can do research on real vampires if you are looking try to research vampire friendly clubs in your area you might be lucky and find that special girl there good luck

Hi I am Jurike…!* 🙂 I love vampires and I have all ways wanted to be one to people plz if you know someone who can help me turn into one let me know plz I would really appreciate it…!* :*

Im looking for a vampire bofriend not just for the good looks either dating humans is stressful they have a lack of passion no understanding of what world we live in and a vampire is wise, romantic, mysterious, and honest

i am 19and i am black i want a white vampire boyfrend but he does not have to like bite my neck like all the time or not even i have on the hunt for a while now i want a vampire to make love to me and maybe love me forever

Hi am Gargee, looking for a boy friend which must be a vampire. age between 17-20 years. i am 16. its not just for a fun but i am serious about it as i want to be a vampire and i am heartly looking for the way how to transform myself from a human to a vampire girl. anyone can trust as i will not share this with anyone, also about this site.

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