Want a Vampire Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

couldyoudateavampireAre vampires sexy or scary? Maybe a little of both! These creatures of the night certainly seem to have an appeal. Do you agree? Are you attracted to vampires?

So many people tell me on my blog that they want a vampire lover, but I’m not sure that they’re ready. Not everyone can handle a vampire boyfriend or girlfriend. Do you have what it takes?

When it came down to it, would you really want to have a romantic relationship with a vampire? Being with a vampire takes a certain skill set. You have to be tough yet innocent. Not everyone gets to have a vampire boyfriend or girlfriend, even if we all want one.

What about you? Should a vampire date you? My quiz will tell you if you’re ready to take a vampire or not! Don’t get mad if me if it says you can’t… I only speak the bloodcurdling truth 🙂 Take my latest quiz, Could You Date a Vampire? to find out if you’re vampire dating.

Who knows? Your next love could be a vampire! Or maybe you’d be better off with a ring of garlic around your neck. Let me know what you think of this quiz and what you get as your result. Do you agree with your quiz outcome?

Discussion questions:

  1. Would you love to be bitten by your vampire? Or would it get annoying after a while?
  2. What would make you a good girlfriend or boyfriend for a vampire?
  3. What famous vampire would you most like to date?
  4. Why would you like a vampire boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you hoping to be turned into a vampire?

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What do you think?

86 thoughts on “Want a Vampire Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

  1. Riley Clark

    The thing is, humans are pathetic. If you intend to stay human, you have a higher chance of being a servant than a love interest, which is fine. Also, we are poly. If you don’t understand this, you aren’t worth the time. If you are not deterred, or seek to turn without love, then feel free to prove yourself. I am a male Master vampire. Bonus points if you can tell me what that is.

  2. Jessica Feola-Mahar

    I want a vampire bf like Edward Cullen from,the twilight moves and that will come to sleep with me every night message me when I don’t expect it please I’m ready ice been a wolf my whole life I want to be a vampire please find me one
    ❤❤❤❤❤❤ and when you find one like Edward Cullen have him,.message me please and Th a k you

  3. Melanie wood

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  4. Blogthings Fan

    dude i want a vampire girlfriend i’m ready dude iv done thousands of quiz’s they all said i was a werewolf

  5. Jaclyn Simunovic

    The quiz said I should date a vampire and I always dream of being with a vampire text me I want a vampire boyfriend

  6. Blogthings Fan

    The quiz said I should date a vampire which apparently I think it’s really cool and text me at. I want a vampire boyfriend

  7. Sonia Vasquez

    I’m a 48 yr old woman. I’m looking for a Vampire boyfriend or girlfriend. I think they areally really special sincerely, Sonia Vasquez

  8. Killer

    I want a vampire friend who is true to me…..and never cheats me…if anyone is there find out me where I am