Quiz: What Famous Vampire Are You?

whatfamousvampireareyouThis week is a very exciting week for those of us who love vampires. I think you know what I’m talking about! *wink* It’s always a thrill when a new Twilight movie is coming out – although we Twilight super fans already know what is going to happen. That’s right… we’ve read the books many times. So many times that we’re sick of the whole team Edward vs team Jacob debate. (It’s much more complicated than that anyway.)

Blogthings has plenty of Twilight quizzes to celebrate the latest Twilight movie with, but I felt like this week called for some new vampire quizzes 🙂 I know that not everyone is a Twilight fan (I’m a Buffy gal myself), so I decided to focus on the theme of vampires for a few quizzes. Because we may not all agree on Twilight, but we can agree that vampires are awesome.

If you were a vampire, who would you be? Don’t think too hard about this vampire conundrum … I have a vampire personality quiz to help you out! My first vampire themed quiz of the bunch is: What Famous Vampire Are You? Take this quiz to learn what kind of vampire you would be. What would you feast on – humans, beasts, or synthetic blood? Who would you love most – another vampire, a human, or yourself? Take this wild vampire quiz to get all the answers.

If you’re a fan of vampire books or movies, you’ll love this quiz. Find out which vampire is most like you! Comment below to let me know which vampire you get and what you think of your result. Would you like to be a vampire? Or would you like to have a vampire boyfriend, vampire husband, vampire girlfriend, or vampire wife? I’d also like to hear from people who consider themselves vampires. What’s your deal anyway?

What do you think?

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