What Are You Like With Your Family?

whoareyouinyourfamilyFamilies are complicated. You may still be trying to figure out how you fit in, and your role is probably always changing.

What if your name predicted something about your role in your family? That’s what my newest quiz, Who Are You in Your Family? is hoping to do.

It’s really simple. Go to the quiz, enter your name, and find out what your family role is. You may be surprised how accurate your result is!

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “What Are You Like With Your Family?

  1. Josh

    You Are the Unconventional One in Your Family

    Whether you get along with your family or not right now, there’s a good chance you feel (or have felt like) the black sheep.
    In fact, you’re so different from the rest of them that it has made you wonder if you could possibly be adopted.

    But the fact is, you’re a very independent and individualistic person. You would stand out in any family.
    You do your own thing, and what other people think doesn’t even register for you. You have strong opinions, and you form them all on your own.

  2. Sarah

    Hello, there! Well, I didn’t know if you had a link that people can click on if they have a suggestion for a quiz that you should make. That would be amazing if you did (think on it). So, this is how I am going to suggest one (the only way I know of).
    I was thinking that you should make a quiz that tells someone if they are disrespectful or not. In many different ways, like, to their parents, teachers or what ever the case may be. I wanna know if I am. My parents tell me that I should be on the show “WORLD’S STRICTEST PARENTS”. I disagree. I want to know if I am considered disrespectful.

    Thank you for your time.
    – Sarah

    1. kari Post author

      You can give me quiz ideas here, on Facebook, Twitter, or via the Feedback link on any Blogthings quiz! I love to hear new quiz ideas… Thanks for yours. It’s quite good đŸ™‚