8 Quizzes for Moms and Daughters to Take Together on Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! I have a fun idea of how you can celebrate Mother’s Day with your mom this year, and it won’t cost a thing. Ready? Take some quizzes together. I always recommend taking quizzes with a friend or loved one, because it’s so fun to compare results. This Mother’s Day, take a few quizzes with your mom to see where you are alike and where you differ.

I’ve hand selected what I consider to be 8 of the best Blogthings quizzes for moms and daughters to take together. These are some light and fun quizzes you and your mom can take together about style, makeup, travel, fitness, family, and more. They are mom appropriate, so no worries about revealing questions or outcomes. Enjoy!

What retro decade influences your fashion style the most? Take this personality quiz to see what sort of vintage look you like best.

What Decade Influences Your Style? – Pretty much all fashion is influenced by the past at this point, and it’s likely that you find your style from a particular decade – updated of course. Take this quiz to see if you and mom share the same decade for style influence or if you have a style generation gap.

How do you fit in or stand out in your family?

Who Are You in Your Family? – We all play a role in our family, and I mean roles besides the obvious ones of mother and daughter. Take this quick quiz with your mom to see if you’re the wise one, the unconventional one, the gentle one, or a different role.

What type of traveling best suits you? Find out how your personality shapes your vacation plans.

What’s Your Travel Personality? – Have you ever traveled with just your mom? Travel with your mom is a great bonding experience, but if you can’t travel together this Mother’s Day, do the next best thing and take this quiz! See if you and mom have similar travel styles or if you’re completely different travel wise.

What word best describes your happiness? Take this personality quiz to find out.

Are You Joy, Love, or Peace? – I love this personality quiz for moms and daughters because it’s so positive and strength based. This quiz is perfect for anyone who’s had a troubled relationship with their mom, because you can focus on the best parts of family – peace, love, and joy.

Are you going to be a hip parent? Or will your kids think you're totally lame?

Would You Be a Cool Parent? – I bet there was a point in your life (or let’s be honest, many points in your life) where you swore you would be a very different parent than your mom was. And now that you’re grown up, do you agree? Take this quiz to see if you are (or would be) a cooler parent than your mom – or if you have the same parenting style.

What should you change your middle name to?

What Should Your Middle Name Be? – How do you feel about your middle name? Whether your love it, hate it, or simply tolerated, your mom is ultimately to blame for it! Take this quiz with mom to see what middle name you should really have as well as what hers should be.

Which group fitness class best fits your style? Take this fitness personality quiz to find out!

What Fitness Class Are You? – Have you ever taken a fitness class with your mom? Getting in shape together is a fun mother daughter activity, but of course, you have to decide on a fitness class first. Take this quiz with your mom to see if you have similar fitness styles.

What Gilmore Girl Are You? – No list of mom and daughter quizzes is complete without a shout out to my favorite mother daughter tv show of all time, the Gilmore Girls! If you aren’t a fan of this show about mothers and daughters, then you should tune in with your mom today. And after that, take my quiz to see which Gilmore Girl you are most like.

8 Cupcake Quizzes for National Give Someone a Cupcake Day

Do you like cupcakes? I love them! I think having a full cake around is a bit much for my small family, but a few cupcakes are perfect. I love that cupcakes are super portion controlled, and you can have a variety on hand. So you can have your chocolate, yellow, and red velvet cake… and eat it too 🙂

If you are as into cupcakes as I am, then check out these quizzes below. Who knows? Maybe they’ll inspire you to buy or make some cupcakes and give them to someone.

The Fancy Cupcake Test – Let me be clear… I think all cupcakes are beautiful 🙂 Even a badly home frosted cupcake with canned frosting is beautiful. But there’s something special about a frosted cupcake. And that’s what this image quiz celebrates. Take it to see what your favorite fancy cupcake says about you.

What Flavor Cupcake Are You? – The ultimate cupcake question for me is: what flavor? They all always look so good for me, but I can only choose one (or two if I’m feeling wild). Take this quiz to learn what flavor cupcake matches your personality.

What Exotic Cupcake Are You? – I really love a traditionally flavored cupcake most of the time, like yellow cake with chocolate frosting. But I also have a soft spot in my heart for the funkier cupcake flavors of the world…pistachio rose anyone? If you like trendy cupcake flavors, then you’ll love this quiz.

The Birthday Cupcake Test – A cupcake for your birthday? Why not? You can get exactly what you want, and you don’t have to share! Take this fun birthday cupcake image quiz to see what your birthday cupcake says about you.

The Cupcake Test – What would your ideal cupcake be like? How would you decorate it? How would it taste? Take this quiz to design your perfect cupcake… and learn what it says about you.

The Halloween Cupcake Test – Cupcakes for Halloween? Why not? Especially if they’re as cute as the ones featured in this quiz! Pick the Halloween cupcake you learn best to learn about your Halloween personality.

The Cutsie Cupcake Test – If you asked me what I loved about cupcakes (besides eating them), I’d have to say that they’re just so darn cute! If you agree, select your favorite cute cupcake and see what it says about you.

The Christmas Cupcake Test – If you can have cupcakes for Halloween, then you can definitely have them for Christmas. In my opinion, it’s the perfect time for any sort of treat – so why not include cupcakes in the mix? Take this quiz and see what your favorite Christmas cupcake says about you.

12 Delicious Food Quizzes to Take Today for International No Diet Day

Happy International No Diet Day! I’m not here to discuss whether diets work or not…. let’s just agree that being on a diet stinks. Whether you’re against dieting like I am or simply taking a break today, let’s all enjoy some delicious food quizzes together to celebrate not dieting 🙂

If you were a cereal, what cereal would you be? Find out what you should be pouring milk on in the morning!

What Kind of Cereal Are You? – Every good no diet day starts with an awesome breakfast. While some of you may be thinking pancakes or waffles, my breakfast pig out food is definitely a big bowl of cereal. Do you agree? Then take this cereal quiz to discover your cereal personnality.

What scone should you be eating for breakfast?

What Kind of Scone Are You? – While I’m very partial towards cereal for a “cheat” breakfast, there’s something to be said for a scone. Especially if you’re up early watching a British royal wedding or something 😉 Just saying! Take this fun quiz to see what flavor scone you are.

What international breakfast should you chow down on? Take this personality quiz to find out.

What Country’s Breakfast Are You? – Craving a big breakfast? Hey, we’re not dieting today, so that’s your prerogative! Take this quiz to get a little big breakfast inspiration from around the world.

What do your hot dog choices reveal about your personality? Take this fun and delicious quiz to find out.

What Does Your Hot Dog Say About You? – Okay, breakfast is totally covered, so let’s move on to lunch. We’ll start with a favorite around the Blogthings household – a loaded hot doggie (or veggie dog). Take this quiz to learn what your hot dog preferences say about you.

What’s Your Pizza Personality? – Another favorite lunch option around here is pizza! Whether it’s homemade, frozen, delivery, or in a pizzeria, I’ll take pretty much any pizza anytime. If you’re the same way, then take this quiz to discover your pizza personality.

What do your cookie eating habits reveal about your personality?

The Sandwich Cookie Personality Test – Well, I think it’s about time for a snack! Do you agree? There’s nothing better than a sandwich cookie like an Oreo. This quick quiz will tell you your personality based on how you eat an Oreo!

What sushi roll are you most like?

What Type of Sushi Are You? – Dinner time! Who’s up for sushi? I am, but it’s okay if you skip this one if you’re not a sushi lover. For us sushi fans, take this quiz to see what type of sushi you’re most like.

What Kind of Fast Food Are You? – That sushi didn’t quite fill me up. I’m looking for something a little more hearty, and fast food will definitely do the trick! Take this quiz to see what kind of fast food best matches your personality.

What Shape Pasta Are You? – Are you still hungry after all that? Well, to be honest I am too. Nothing will fill you up like pasta though. This quiz will let you know which shape pasta you’re most like… definitely check it out!

What flavor cheesecake best fits your personality? Find out with this decadent quiz!

What Kind of Cheesecake Are You? – Okay, time for dessert! Don’t worry, we’re going to have multiple courses. Let’s start with cheesecake… a favorite in the Blogthings house. Take this quiz to see what flavor cheesecake you are!

If you were a cannoli, what flavor would you be? Take this sweet personality quiz to find out!

What Flavor Cannoli Are You? – Leave the gun – take the cannoli. Actually, no, leave the cannoli for me! This may be the most self-interested quiz I’ve ever written just because I like cannoli so much. If you agree, take it to see what flavor you are.

What Kind of Pie Are You? – In my opinion, no feast is complete without pie. No worries though, if you make too much you can have some for breakfast tomorrow. This quiz will match a slice of pie to your personality… simple and tasty as that!

Quiz: Are You a Foodie?

table full of delicious food

Do you consider yourself to be a foodie? I think we all love food, but some of us are much more adventurous eaters than others. When I think of foodies, I think of people who love to cook new things, love to buy different types of food at the store, love to try new restaurants and dishes, and love to even travel for food. I think this notion of foodie challenges the traditional notion of foodie, which to me feels way too centered on eating out and travel. I don’t consider someone a foodie if they dine out extensively but can’t even cook toast in their own home!

By my own measurement, I am only somewhat of a foodie – a place I am happy to land. I do enjoy going out to eat, cooking, and yes, even grocery shopping (as long as the store isn’t too crowded). However, I am not the most adventurous eater of all time. Will I try a new appetizer or salad when out and about? Absolutely. But when it comes to my main meal, I do stick with what I love… and that’s not going to include fried crickets anytime soon!

What about you? Are you a foodie? Take this quiz to find out: Are You a Foodie? If you’re a longtime Blogthings fan, then it’s likely that you’ve seen this quiz before – but it’s been greatly improved! I added a ton more questions and longer outcomes. I felt like we food lovers needed a definitive and accurate foodie quiz 🙂

Comment below and let me know what you get on this foodie quiz. Do you consider it to be an accurate result? In which ways are you a foodie?

Quiz: What’s Your Love Language?

Which of the five love languages do you speak? Take this accurate quiz to find out!

Have you heard of the five love languages? This is a framework developed by Gary Chapman to help us do better in ALL our relationships – romantic love relationships, family relationships, friend relationships, and even work relationships. Intrigued? I was very curious about this approach, and I can tell you it works. By figuring out the love language of those close to you, you can make them feel loved, appreciated, and seen. And by knowing your own love language, you can tell others how to better love and appreciate you.

The five love languages (in order of popularity) are: words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, physical touch, and receiving gifts. Words of affirmation are simply noticing what your partner is doing right and commenting on it – complements, encouragement, and professions of love all count. Quality time is time spent together just focused on each other, with minimal interruptions and distractions. Acts of service are the little things you do for your partner, like making dinner or cleaning the car. Physical touch is just what it sounds like – hugs, kisses, and so on. Receiving gifts is all about material gifts, physical representations of a relationship and love.

While some love languages are more popular than others, there are about the same amount of people who prefer each. So you can’t just assume someone’s love language is words of affirmation or quality time. It may be gifts, which is an entirely different sort of love language. This is where my latest quiz comes in. You can take it to determine your love language, and have someone in your life that you care about take it with you.

Check out What’s Your Love Language? to find out what your love language is. And don’t just stop there… have your loved ones take it too! I think love languages are such a powerful tool. Do you agree? Comment below with your love language result. Does it sound true for you?

8 Quizzes You Must Take to See How Others See You

Have you ever wondered how others see you? It’s a question that’s tough to answer. I don’t think anyone will ever tell you what they truly think of you. I mean, would you ever tell people what you think of them?

And similarly, I just don’t think you can figure out someone’s true impression of you. There’s just too many layers between two people to get to the truth. We can approximate how others see us, but we’ll never really know for sure.

While we can’t know how others see us 100%, quizzes can definitely help. I’ve written many quizzes that help you see yourself from others’ eyes, and here are the best ones!

What element do you charm with?

What Kind of Charmer Are You? – Are you a charming person? I bet you are! It’s hard for us to know in which ways we charm others, but this quiz will help. Take it to find out how you’re charming.

Are you an open book with people? Or do you keep your true self hidden?

How Open Are You? – Are you open minded and open hearted? I think we all like to think of ourselves as open to the world… but clearly some of us aren’t! Take this quiz to see how truly open you are.

How old do you really look? Only this quiz will tell you the truth!

Do You Look Your Age? – Do you look younger, older, or about your age? This is something people aren’t generally going to tell you, unless by accident. This very honest quiz will give you a glimpse in to how old you really look!

Is your fashion style all class or all trash? Take this fun quiz to find out!

Is Your Style Classy, Sassy, or Trashy? – Do you ever worry if you can pull off your style well? This is something I sometimes wonder about myself. It’s hard to tell how a look really lands, but this quiz will help. Find out if you look classy, sassy, or trashy with your wardrobe choices.

Do you go for what you want in life? Or do you sit back and live life on the sidelines?

Are You Bold? – Do you come across boldly? I think it’s so hard to know how bold any of us seem from the inside. It’s not hard to come across too strong – or not strongly enough. Take this quiz to see if others see you as bold.

Do you have the mind of a genius? Take this quiz to determine your brain's power and potential.

Are You a Brainiac? – Do other people think you’re a brain? I think we all think of ourselves as smart, but it’s hard to know if we come across that way or not. Take this quiz to learn if others see you as a brainiac!

Do you throw a fit when you don't get your way? Take this quiz to see how much diva is in your personality.

Are You a Diva? – Are you a high maintenance person? I think none of us want to be high maintenance, or a pain in the butt, but life isn’t that simple. Some of us want things the way we want them. I’ll fully admit to being that way 🙂

Are you a man or woman of mystery? Take this quiz to find out.

How Mysterious Are You? – Are you a mystery to other people? In my experience, the most mysterious people have no idea how mysterious they are! This quiz will tell you once and for all if you come across as a mystery.

New Quiz: What Should You Get Your Mom for Mother’s Day?

What should you get the mom in your life for Mother’s Day? Take this quiz to find the perfect present.

Do you know what you’re going to be doing this Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day can be very simple (celebrating your mom) or very complicated depending on your family situation. Before we get too deeply into this new quiz, I want to acknowledge that Mother’s Day can be a tough holiday for many of us – whether you have a troubled family relationship, a mom you’re grieving, or simply wish you were a mom yourself and aren’t.

If this subject is too heavy for you, please feel free to skip it. And know that this quiz can be for anyone who has a mom they love in their life… it can be your own mom, a best friend who’s a mom, a grandma, or an aunt 🙂 Now that I’ve got that disclaimer out of the way, let’s get started!

Have you ever had trouble figuring out the perfect Mother’s Day gift? It can be tricky because most moms will tell you that they don’t want anything for Mother’s Day. And as a mom myself, I get that. But also as a daughter, I want to do something special for my mom on this day.

I know that others feel the same as me, because I’ve had a few requests for a Mother’s Day gift quiz based on your mom’s personality. After doing a lot of thinking and research, I am proud to announce my latest quiz: What Should You Get Your Mom for Mother’s Day?

What do you think of this Mother’s Day quiz? Comment below and tell me. Are you going to take my Mother’s Day gift suggestion? If not, let me know what you think your mom would like instead!

9 Quizzes About Love That You Must Take Right Now

Whether you’re currently in love, single, heartbroken, or somewhere in between, love is a subject that interests us all. It’s difficult to be objective when it comes to our own love lives. It’s hard to know how we are in love, what we’re looking for, and what has gone wrong in previous relationships. These are the assessments that we need to do when it comes to love, but they aren’t easy. And this is where quizzes can help!

If you want to do a deep dive in to your love life, past, present and future, then check out the quizzes below. You’ll learn a lot about your own love style, as well as what is happening in a current relationship (or what happened in a recent one). These quizzes will tell you the truth – so get ready 🙂

How do you act when you're in love?

What’s Your Temperament in Love? – There are two parts to your love style – one that’s dependent and one that’s independent. The independent one, your love temperament, is constant no matter who you happen to be in love with. Take this quiz to discover your love temperament and how it affects your love life.

If you had to do it all over again, would you still want to be with your significant other?

Would You Pick Your Sweetheart Again? – Are you the type of person who feels like the grass is greener when you’re in a relationship? I think a lot of us have been there at some point, and the problem is, sometimes the grass really is greener! Take this quiz to see if you’d still pick your partner today. If you are single, take it with an ex or crush in mind 🙂

Are you hooked on falling in love? Take this love quiz to see if you are a romance addict.

Are You Addicted to Love? – Are you the type of person who always needs to be in love? This is more common than you’d think, and it is treatable 😉 Take this quiz to see if you have love addiction and to learn what to do about it.

What word best describes your laugh? Take this personality quiz to find out!

What’s Your Ideal First Date Spot? – Each relationship has its own unique origin story, but those stories usually include a first date. First dates are such a hopeful time – you never know what will come of a first date. Take this quiz to learn which first date you should go on.

Is your love passionate like a red rose? Fresh like a white rose? Obsessive like an orange rose? Find out with this quiz.

What Rose Represents Your Love? – There is little more romantic than a rose. I always love receiving roses, and not just red ones. Take this quiz to learn what color rose represents your love and what it reveals. The results you get may surprise and enlighten you.

Do you think with your head or your heart?

Are You Romantic or Realistic? – Do you follow your heart or your head? It’s a classic question but still an important one. Do you evaluate romance analytically or do you go with your feelings? This quiz will let you know how you make decisions when it comes to love.

Is your heart open or closed?

Do You Find it Easy to Love? – Some of us fall in love so quickly and without much resistance. Others take their time and sometimes even struggle. Where do you fall on this continuum? Take this quiz to see how effortlessly love comes for you.

How would you like your dream guy to propose to you? On New Years Eve? On a private beach? Or would you like to ask him?

What’s Your Ideal Marriage Proposal? – Have you ever dreamed about getting married? Or maybe you’re already married but still have a dream proposal. Take this quiz to find out how you’d like to be proposed to. If your sweetie didn’t get it right the first time, you can always give it another go!

What is the root of your love? Find out exactly how and why you love the way you do.

What Is Your Love Based On? – Love generally doesn’t come out of no where… right? Sometimes it evolves from friendship; other times it evolves from passion or even admiration. This quiz will tell you where your current love came from and what it continues to be based on.

The Top 12 Fun Personality Quizzes You Must Take Right Now

Are you looking for fun quizzes? Then you’ve come to the right place! I’ll be the first to admit that some Blogthings quizzes are pretty serious. Sometimes I’m really craving that sort of insight, but other times I just want to have some fun.

If you’re also looking for fun quizzes, then check out the ones below! I’ve specifically selected quizzes that are a blast to take and go just deep enough 😉

What is your ideal midnight snack? Take this fun personality test to find out!

What’s Your Midnight Snack Personality? – Are you a midnight snacker? I’m a big midnight snacker…on the rare occasion I’m up that late. Take this fun quiz to learn what your midnight snacking style says about your personality.

What baby pet are you most like?

Are You a Puppy or a Kitten? – Do you love baby animals? My heart just melts for any puppy or kitten that I’m lucky enough to meet. Take this fun quiz to see if you are more of a puppy or kitten! A great way to find out what’s lovable about you.

When you raise your glass, what should you say? Take this fun personality quiz to learn what you should toast to!

What Should You Toast To? – Do you feel like celebrating? Whether you’ve having a good day, so-so day, or bad day, I bet there’s something worth toasting to. Take this quiz to find out what you should be praising in your life.

What superlative would you have been voted in school? Most likely to succeed? Biggest flirt?

What Superlative Are You? – Were you the best at something in high school or middle school? I wish we all left school with senior superlatives, but so few of us do that I decided to write a quiz about it! Take this entertaining quiz to learn what you should have been voted in school.

What language is the best for you to focus on? Take this foreign language personality quiz to find out.

What Language Should You Say Hello In? – Bonjour! Or should I say Hola?!? I may not speak a few languages, but I can say hi in a few. It’s a very low bar 🙂 Take this quiz to learn what language you should be saying hello in. And who knows? Maybe you’ll travel to a country that speaks it!

What very unique name should you have? Get your one of a kind name with this quiz.

What Very Uncommon Name Should You Have? – Do you have a common or uncommon name? My name (Kari) is pretty uncommon in America, and I enjoy having an uncommon name. Take this fun quiz to find out what your uncommon name would be.

Where should you take a cruise to?

What Type of Cruise Should You Go On? – Have you ever been on a cruise? I haven’t, but it seems so relaxing and fun to me! If you’re thinking of going on a cruise or just daydreaming about one, this is a great quiz to take. Learn what sort of cruise would be ideal for you to go on!

What celebrities are you most likely to resemble?

What Kind of Celebrity Would You Be? – Would you like to be famous? I think all of us crave something to do with celebrity… if not fame, then power or money at least! If you want to daydream about being a celebrity, this is the perfect lighthearted quiz for you!

If you were in the circus, what would your job be?

What Circus Act Should You Perform? – Have you ever dreamed of running away and joining the circus? I used to! For everyone who’s had this crazy fantasy, this entertaining quiz is for you! What circus act should you be doing? Take this quiz to find out!

What city should you be eating pizza in?

What City’s Pizza Are You? – Are you a pizza fan? I like pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner… well, maybe not always breakfast. I love to sample different types of pizza from different areas of the world. Do you agree? Then take this quiz to learn what city’s pizza you should be noshing on.

What puzzle best describes your personality? Are you complicated or simple? Straight forward or tricky?

What Kind of Puzzle Are You? – Do you enjoy puzzles? I LOVE them. Mr. Blogthings and I fight over crosswords so much that sometimes we have to get an extra paper 🙂 Take this quiz to see what sort of puzzle you are most like.

Discover how your dreams reveal your inner self.

What Do Your Dreams Mean? – Do you have crazy dreams? I definitely do sometimes, especially when I sleep in. If those vivid dreams have you wondering, then take this quiz. You’ll find out once and for all what your dreams mean.

The Top 10 Personality Quizzes for Teens to Take Today

When I was a teenager, I loved to take personality quizzes in magazines. I think there’s just something about being a teen and wanting to take lots of personality quizzes. It’s such a great time for self-discovery. Of course, these days teens don’t have to turn to books or magazines only for quizzes – there’s tons to take online and on Blogthings.

Are you a teen who likes to take quizzes? Or maybe you know one – or are a teen at heart. No matter what, check out these teen oriented quizzes below. They’re perfect for teens looking to learn a little more about themselves.

Is your mind open, playful, and pliable? This quiz will tell you your creative potential!

How Creative Are You? – Do you consider yourself a creative teen? A lot of people discover their creative talents as a teen, and you may be exactly the same way. Take this quiz to learn how creative you truly are.

Are you hooked on gossiping? Find out if you could be the next Perez Hilton.

Are You Addicted to Gossip? – Gossip just goes along with teen life, and it’s something all teens need to learn how to handle. When it comes to gossip, I firmly believe if you’re not a part of the problem, you’re part of the solution. Do you contribute to gossip? Take this quiz to find out.

What does your favorite item of make up say about you? Take this revealing beauty quiz to find out.

What Does Your Must Have Makeup Say About You? – For most teen girls (and hey, some teen boys too), these are the years where you’re most interested in experimenting with makeup. If you’re like most teens, you probably love makeup – and with good reason. Take this quick quiz to learn more about your makeup personality.

What kind of kid were you when you were growing up? Take this quiz to discover your childhood personality.

What Type of Kid Were You? – No doubt each teen is different, and there’s something about being a teenager that can really highlight differences. I didn’t quite feel like I fit in as a teen, and you know what? I don’t think anyone does. The truth is that we are all unique, no matter our age. What made you unique as a kid? Take this quiz to find out!

What does the way you sleep reveal about your personality?

What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You? – Do you like to sleep? I think every teenager does! I slept a ton when I was a teen, including naps. I think it was during this time that I decided on my favorite sleeping position. What about you? Do you have a favorite sleeping position? Take this quick quiz to see what it reveals about your personality.

If you were going to host a party, what kind of party should it be?

What Kind of Party Should You Throw? – Parties are fun at every age, but there is nothing more fun than a teen party! Whether you’re a party animal or a total wallflower, I think you’ll enjoy this quiz. You’ll learn what sort of party you should throw… and the results may surprise you. Party on!

What type of pizza best describes you?

What’s Your Pizza Personality? – Do you count yourself among the majority of teens that love pizza? When I was a teenager, I pretty much liked any pizza anytime, especially if it was loaded with veggies or extra cheese. If you are a teenage pizza lover, then check out this quiz to learn your pizza personality.

How well do you know English?

Does Your English Cut the Mustard? – If there’s one thing that annoys a teen, it’s people who correct grammar with outdated rules. Yes, grammar rules change, and it bugged me as a teen when people tried to get me say “whom” instead of “who.” This quiz will give it to you straight on your English skills… without any pesky grammar corrections.

What is your listening style? Learn your music personality type and what it reveals about you.

What’s Your Music Personality? – Pretty much every teen loves music, and one of the best things about being a teenager is discovering what kind of music you love. And this music you discover may be a favorite for the rest of your life. What is your particular music personality based on your likes? Take this quiz to find out!

What kind of book are you?

Are You Fiction or Non-fiction? – Whether teens want to read a lot or not, most teens do a lot of reading thanks to school. In fact, you may be looking to take some quizzes right now for a bit of a reading break! As a teen, you’ve probably been reading both a lot of fiction and non-fiction. This quiz will let you know which one you’re most like.