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Quiz: The Wedding Cake Test

chocolate two layer wedding cake with pink roses

What does your favorite wedding cake say about you?

I was lucky enough to attend a beautiful wedding last night. I love a winter wedding – they’re so cozy and festive. Attending the weddings of my friends and family members are some of the best experiences of my life. Do you like going to weddings? What is your favorite part of a wedding? Is it wrong for me to say that I like the cake the best? 🙂

True story: when I got married a long time ago (almost ten years with Mr. Blogthings), we eloped in Las Vegas. While it was very romantic and sweet (we had only been dating a few months), I do wish we had arranged for a wedding cake for the two of us. Instead we went out for all-you-can-eat sushi, which was pretty cool too 😉 Maybe I’ll just have to make a wedding cake for our upcoming tenth anniversary! Or maybe two cakes, actually. I like chocolate cake, and Mr. Blogthings prefers vanilla cake.

Anyway, if you’re like me and love wedding cake, you will appreciate The Wedding Cake Test. It’s your typical Blogthings image quiz in that all you do is pick the wedding cake you like best, and you learn all about your personality. This one has a special twist though, because your result tells you what kind of wedding you are and how love makes you feel. People have told me that it’s quite accurate, and I’m dying to know what you think.

Take The Wedding Cake Test, and let me know how true it is for you. I’m also curious to know whether you like weddings, or whether you think they’re a bit old fashioned at this point. Do you think people need to get married to be committed to one another? I’d really like to know everyone’s opinion on this topic.


What Kind of Hug Are You?

Are you a big hugger? I would like to be! I think hugs are nice, even if I’m a bit shy about giving them. I also have been reading a lot about the psychological powers of touch. Touch connects us to each other in powerful ways. People who have lots of touch in their lives are happier, and this includes hugs. Hugs promote the release of oxytocin, which helps us feel safer and more connected. There’s a reason why it’s our first instinct to give a friend in trouble a hug.

Over the course of my short life, I’ve seen the attitude toward hugs change in my culture… and for the better. For example, when I was growing up, I never saw men hug. Now it’s a more common occurrence. It’s also a lot more socially acceptable for men and women to hug each other in a plantonic way, and hugging as a greeting is practically mandatory with my girlfriends. It’s something I’m still getting used to, but I like it.

While I personally am not the world’s biggest hugger, I’m very pro-hugging in my life philosophy. I think anything that increases compassion in our world is a good thing. My own shyness with touch is probably why it took me so long to write a hugging themed quiz.  I’m glad I finally did. Blogthings has a lot of quizzes about kissing, but until today, none about hugging. This newest quiz is my first step in remedying that! What Kind of Hug Are You? I had a lot of fun writing this one, and while I may not be standing around with a “Free Hugs” sign any time soon, it reminded me to hug more.

What did you think of What Kind of Hug Are You? Do you like your result? Are you a big hugger… or are you like me and a little hesitant about hugging? Comment and let me know!

Quiz: Are Your Kisses Amazing?

a young guy and girl both in leather jackets kissing each other

How well do you kiss?

Even though we all love kissing, it’s more accurate to say we love kissing with the right person. Nothing can compare to kissing an amazing kisser… and nothing is quite as awful as kissing a bad kisser. There’s a reason why there’s such a big industry built around breath fresheners and lip moisturizer. We all want to be a great kisser, and if anything can help get us there, we’re signing up. Unfortunately, there’s more to kissing than great breath and soft lips. There’s skill, technique, instinct, intuition, and maybe even a good bit of luck. Some people are born great kissers, but most of us practice until we get there.

Have you ever wondered what kind of kisser you are? Hopefully you’re a great kisser, but no one knows for sure. There’s a lot of bad kissers in the world, and we can assume that they don’t know they are bad at kissing. You need a way to objectively measure how great your kisses are without having to go ask the kissing booth guy or gal. I suppose you could ask whoever you’re kissing whether you’re any good or not… but would they really be honest with you? That’s where my latest quiz comes in.

I wrote my latest quiz to help everyone figure out exactly what their kisses are like: Are Your Kisses Amazing? This quiz will tell you the honest truth about your kisses, so take it with confidence. And even though the truth can hurt, most people who’ve already taken this quiz have been pleasantly surprised to learn how good their kisses actually are.

Comment below and let me know what you think of Are Your Kisses Amazing? Was it too personal? Do you agree with your result?