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6 Quizzes for Book Lovers Day

Happy Book Lovers Day! Do you love to read? If you are anything like most Blogthings fans, I bet you do. Even though we all have different taste in books, I notice that we are all readers. I personally like to read a little of everything, and I definitely wear out my library card.

If you like books at all, then celebrate Book Lovers Day with me today. No time to read a book? No problem! Take these book centric quizzes below:

What Kind of Book Are You? – Do you enjoy reading fiction? What kind of fiction book are you most like? Take this quiz to learn what kind of book you are.

The Bookstore Test – I love to hang out in bookstores (rip Borders!), and this quiz is inspired by my love of book browsing. Enjoy a virtual bookstore trip, and see what your browsing habits say about you.

Are You a Hardcover Book or a Paperback Book? – What is your preferred form of reading? I strongly prefer hardcovers for books I want to keep forever. Otherwise, library ebooks are my jam. Take this quiz to see if you are a hardcover or paperback book. (And maybe I threw ebook in there too!)

What Type of Book Are You? – This is another quiz to tell you what sort of book you are, but this one encompasses both fiction and nonfiction. Take this quiz to see where you fall.

Are You a Bookworm? – How much of a book lover are you? This is the perfect quiz for Book Lovers Day! Take this quiz to discover your bookworm score.

What Kind of Reader Are You? – What sort of reader are you most like? Take this quiz to learn of you’re an eclectic, occasional, niche, or voracious reader!

New Quiz: The Bookshelf Test

home library with many bookshelves full of books

What does your book collection say about you?

Does your book collection mean a lot to you? If you’re like many of the Blogthings fans I’ve talked to recently, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” It turns out that we’re a pretty literary bunch, and we love to read all sorts of things. I suppose it makes sense, since taking quizzes involves reading too, and I love how we all share our bibliophilia (and sometimes even bibliomania) with one another.

My book collection is one of my most prized possessions. It’s ebbed and flowed over the years, as I’ve moved around a lot and had to part with more of it than I’d like. Still, it remains special to me and pretty current too. If you come over to my house and browse through my books (I have several cases), you’ll really learn what I’m all about. I have old books and new books, unread books and read books, fiction and nonfiction… I like to have a mix of everything around because I’ll never know what I feel like reading.

In this age of instant digital books, it may seem a bit silly to have a physical book collection around. I disagree. I find that paper books are a great way to unplug from the world. They can’t run out of batteries or fizzle out on you. I also find browsing books to be a lot more relaxing when I’m actually looking at print titles. I don’t know about you, but my ebook collection is sort of an exercise in digital hoarding. My print collection is a lot more selective.

If you love your book collection as much as I do, I think you’ll enjoy The Bookshelf Test. I tried to imagine all the different sorts of reading personalities I could think of, and I imagined what their bookshelves would look like. (Or bookcases if you’re a hardcore collector.)

Take The Bookshelf Test, and let me know what your outcome is. Does it describe your reading style? Are you a big book collector?

New Quiz: Are You a Print Book or an Ebook?

Are you a print or digital reader?

Are you a print or digital reader?

Anyone who visits my house knows I love to read. Mr. Blogthings and I have huge bookcases full of books, and we also have fairly big ebook collections. I don’t read nearly as much as I should (it never sounds like it’s going to be as fun as it actually is), but I still would list reading as one of my favorite pastimes. Reading is such an amazing way to enrich one’s life, and I firmly believe that you can’t be a good writer (even a quiz writer) without a hardcore reading habit.

I think many of you must agree, because you’ve requested more reading quizzes for Blogthings in 2013. I’m happy to comply! I wish we had more reading quizzes, but it’s been difficult for me to think of actual ideas. I don’t want to do individual based books because we all have different taste, but I definitely want to have more literary quizzes.

My latest quiz, Are You a Print Book or an eBook?, is an attempt to get a bit more reading love into Blogthings. I personally thought this was an interesting topic since I’m on the fence, and others seem to agree. Lots of strong opinions about this one! I own both print and ebooks in droves. My print books are my very special collection – favorites from over the years, classics I aspire to read, and rare little finds I’ve picked up in my travels. My ebook collection is a bit more general. I tend to use ebook buying for impulse purchases… as well as those guilty pleasure reads I might not want to showcase on my bookshelf 😉

So let me know, which are you: Are You a Print Book or an eBook?, I’m also curious to know what sort of reading / literary quizzes you’d like to see on Blogthings.