The Breakfast in Bed Test


Do you like breakfast in bed? I do, as long as it’s my last morning sleeping in a hotel. I don’t really want to get toast crumbs in a bed that I’ll be sleeping in 😉

I was feeling like I could use a pick me up this week, so I have been dreaming of breakfast in bed. In my experience, there’s very little that a lazy morning can’t cure. And a good lazy morning starts with someone else making breakfast for you.

Does breakfast in bed sound good to you? Take The Breakfast in Bed Test, and see what your ideal breakfast in bed says about you.

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What do you think?

10 thoughts on “The Breakfast in Bed Test

  1. Melissa Russell

    I got charming. Because I’ve been having smoothies and a picture of pancakes w/ chocolate and strawberries seems like the most delicious choice. I’d take my smoothie in bed if I could get it!

  2. Cindy

    I got the result “You Are … “, with no adjective when I picked the hearty breakfast. So I’m not easygoing, charming, sweet, or solid; I just am? And are there two easygoing results – one for the croissants & one for the oranges, juice & croissants? Just wondering.