What Color Pencil Are You?

various colored pencils

Do you like drawing with colored pencils? I did as a kid, and I still do. I appreciate the precision you get with colored pencils. They are my go to medium for sketching out ideas, or just plain doodling.

When I look at my colored pencils, I notice that I favor some colors more than others. What about you? What Color Pencil Are You? Comment and let me know what you get!

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What do you think?

4 thoughts on “What Color Pencil Are You?

  1. rereader

    I got blue pencil–but I’m a designer! (Book designer, though, which is very detail-oriented and requires the ability to translate the design into exact figures…so maybe it’s not so far out!)

    1. kari Post author

      I think it fits because of your need to be detail oriented. Maybe a mix of blue and purple for you?

      P.S. Happy Passover!

  2. Josh

    You Are a Green Pencil

    You are very down to earth and balanced. Little rattles you, and you are practiced in controlling your reactions.
    You are both calm and proactive. You only do what needs to be done, and you make sure to act deliberately.

    You have an endless curiosity and fascination with the world. You like to notice every detail around you.
    You would make a great teacher, stay at home parent, or life coach. You can offer others perspective that they lack.