What Describes Your Beauty?

woman in nature

Do you consider yourself beautiful? I’m the first to admit that I often don’t feel beautiful, which is actually why I enjoy writing beauty quizzes so much. I like to be reminded of how we’re all beautiful in our own way :)

I hope my latest beauty quiz can help show you how you’re beautiful. It was actually inspired by an old quiz I had clipped many, many years ago (like really, in the 1990s), but I gave it a more modern and body positive twist. What Describes Your Beauty? Let me know what you get on this one :)

Some of you have asked me to bring back the Friday Five questions, and I’m happy to announce that I’m bringing them back :) There won’t be any contest for now, but please enjoy answering them with me if you feel like it. And if you have a blog where you want to answer them instead, that’s very encouraged. Just make sure to link to your blog post so we can all read along.

  1. What makes you feel beautiful? Is it internal or external?
  2. What is your desert island beauty product?
  3. Is there a celebrity that’s unconventional looking that you still find beautiful or handsome? Who is it?
  4. Aside from other people, where do you find the most beauty in life? Music? Art? Literature? Something else?
  5. When do you feel the most beautiful? When you’re natural? A little bit put together? Or all glammed up?

What Bright Color Are You?


Are you attracted to bright colors? I love them, although in small doses. I think they can have a pretty strong effect, and that influenced my latest quiz.

To see how you shine brightly, take my new test: What Bright Color Are You? I was lucky enough to find some color psychology information for all the bright colors, and that’s what I based this quiz on. Let me know what you get, and if you think your result is true!

What’s Your Taste Profile?

pop singer

What kind of art, music, television, movies, and literature do you like? Do you have a distinct taste profile, or is your taste all across the board? I thought my taste was pretty eclectic until I started reading about taste profiles. I realized that I fit nicely into a couple profiles.

What best describes your taste? Take my latest quiz to find out! What’s Your Taste Profile? Let me know what you get and if you think it describes your taste.

What Dark Lip Color Should You Wear?

woman with dark purple lips

Do you like dark lip colors? I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a little scared of them, but I do think they are very cool and glamorous. I’ve written a few lip color quizzes on Blogthings, but I thought it would be fun to concentrate on only dark colors for a change.

Take my latest quiz: What Dark Lip Color Should You Wear? Learn all about your beauty vibe and what dark lip color best matches that. Thanks to everyone who requested more beauty quizzes (especially on Facebook) – hope you like this one :)

Are You a Unicycle, Bicycle, or Tricycle?

woman on bike taking photos

Do you like to ride a bicycle? I like to ride mine sometimes when the whether is nice, and I always smile when I see people riding unicycles or even adult sized tricycles around my city. (Yes, this actually happens sometimes!)

The crazy wheeled things I see around town inspired my latest quiz: Are You a Unicycle, Bicycle, or Tricycle? Give it a whirl and let me know what you think. If you’re a devoted bicyclist, you may be surprised by your results!