What Flavor Mini Pie Are You?

mini apple pie

Have you had a mini pie lately? I have been hearing that they’re the latest food trend, and I could use a break from cupcakes :) I mean, don’t get me wrong… frosting and cake are great. But there’s something just so comforting about a flaky crust with a delicious filling inside. Maybe some whipped cream or ice cream on top too. Mmmmmmm!

Needless to say, I love pie. And what’s better than having a whole little pie to yourself. Mini pies definitely appeal to me. I love the idea of a tiny little pie – or even better, a collection of a ton of mini pies in various flavors – pumpkin, apple, chocolate. This year I’m still doing a full sized pie for Thanksgiving (going classically pumpkin), but I could imagine rocking a variety of mini pies in the future.

Are you as enchanted with mini pies as I am? Or just pie in general? What mini pie flavor best fits you? Take my latest quiz to find out: What Flavor Mini Pie Are You? Let me know what you get and what you think of your result.

And if you are pie crazy, check out: What Kind of Pie Are You?, What Holiday Pie Are You?, and The Pie Test! It’s making me hungry to check out all these quizzes, so watch out! I can’t promise that you won’t want pie for your next meal :) Reminding myself that it may be a good idea to write a savory pie quiz one of these days to show shepherd’s pie and pot pie a little love!

Discussion questions: What’s your favorite pie flavor – mini or otherwise? Do you like anything special with your pie like coffee, ice cream, or whipped cream?

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What Kind of Me Time Do You Need?

woman playing violin

Do you like your ‘me’ time? I am a hardcore introvert, and I need a lot of time alone to feel calm and happy. I have learned that it’s important for me to carve out this time no matter what else is going on in my life. I think many other people feel the same way :)

When it comes to alone time, it’s hard to know exactly what we need to feel good. Do you need to get busy and productive? Or do you just need to veg? Take my latest quiz to learn what sort of alone time you need: What Kind of Me Time Do You Need?

Discussion question: What’s your favorite way to get some me time?

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What’s Your Pen Name?

woman writing

Do you ever dream of being a world famous novelist? I do, but I’m not so sure I have the name for it. I’d like a name with a little more zing… a pen name or “nom de plume” is what I’m looking for :-)

Instead of coming up with my own pen name, I decided to write a quiz to do it. I hope you enjoy getting your own pen name as well, and who knows? Maybe this quiz will inspire you to get writing: What’s Your Pen Name?

Discussion question: Would you prefer to write under your own name or under a pen name?

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Are You a Thin Crust or Thick Crust Pizza?

chicago deep dish pizza

Do you like pizza? There’s little that I like better than a delicious slice of pizza. Of course, I have my own opinions in the thick crust vs thin crust debate… but I believe that all pizza is good pizza. And that’s what my latest quiz celebrates!

I have written many pizza quizzes over the years, but I have never written a quiz to help pick your ideal pizza crust type. Take my latest quiz to find you pizza style: Are You a Thin Crust or Thick Crust Pizza? Let me know what you get and what you think of your result!

Discussion question: What’s your favorite pizza in the whole world?

Deep Down, Who Are You?

paintbrushes for artist

When you think about your personality, do you consider who you are around others or who you are when you’re alone? I think there is some overlap between our social and solitary selves, but we definitely are different depending on the context we are in. I like to think about who each of us are when we’re alone, because I think it’s our true personality at our core. For example, I am probably more of a non-serious, outgoing type when I socialize, but by myself I am more contemplative and calm.

Today’s quiz is all about your private personality – what makes you tick and what makes you happy. Give it a go and see what you get: Deep Down, Who Are You? Let me know what you get on this one and what you think of your result!

Discussion question: What classic personality type do you most relate with?

What Kind of Voter Are You?

woman voting

Did you vote recently? If you are like me and some Americans, you voted in today’s election – either today or early like I did. I enjoy voting and educating myself on the various issues, but I know voting isn’t everyone’s favorite activity.

I wrote a quiz today to determine what kind of voter you are, and unlike most voting quizzes, this one is not exactly ideology based. Take my latest quiz to find out what type of voter you are… even if you don’t vote regularly: What Kind of Voter Are You? Let me know what you get and how true you think your result is.

Discussion question: When was the last time you voted? (You don’t have to say who you voted for!)

What’s Your Halloween Name?

halloween man

Happy Halloween! Are you ready to celebrate? There are a ton of Halloween quizzes on Blogthings for you to take, and I wrote a special new quiz just for today. I love Halloween and hope you have a great day, no matter how you decide to celebrate :)

Want a cool new name to celebrate Halloween? My new quiz will give you one! Take my latest quiz to show off your Halloween name: What’s Your Halloween Name? Comment and let me know what you get.

Discussion question: What are you doing for Halloween today?

What Childhood Halloween Costume Are You?

girl dressed as cat

Happy Halloween week! I just love this time of year, and I have so many good memories surrounding Halloween. Dressing up was always one of my favorite things to do, and I still love to see which costumes kids come up with.

My latest quiz is inspired by those classic Halloween costumes that we all know and love. Take it to see which one you should wear: What Childhood Halloween Costume Are You? Let me know what you get and if you like your result.

Discussion question: What was your favorite thing to dress up as for Halloween as a kid?

Where Should You Spend Halloween?


Are you getting excited for Halloween? I definitely am! The decorations in my neighborhood are amazing and fun, and everyone is getting into the Halloween spirit.

Every year I have trouble deciding what to do for Halloween. There are just so many choices, and they all sound good. Wondering what you should do for Halloween this year? Take my latest quiz to find out: Where Should You Spend Halloween? Let me know what you get on this quiz and what you think of your result!

Discussion question: Where are you planning on spending Halloween?

What Kind of Healthy Are You?

friends together

Are you a healthy person? I like to look at health in a variety of ways… it’s not just about not being sick. I think emotional and social health are also important – and almost certainly contribute to physical health. I wish people focused a bit more on those things, to be honest :)

My latest quiz looks at all aspects of health and tells you where you really shine. Even if your physical health isn’t the best, you may be surprised to see where you are healthy in your life. Take this quiz to find out: What Kind of Healthy Are You?

Discussion question: What’s the number one thing you do to stay healthy?