How Should You Meditate?

woman meditating in nature

What form of meditation is right for you?

Do you like to meditate? It’s something I dabble in more than occasionally, but I still should do it more. There is nothing like a good meditation session to set my mind at ease, especially if I’m doing it fairly regularly.

I’ll be the first to admit that meditating doesn’t come easy for me. Does it come easy for anyone? Probably not. But I am definitely not wired to sit on a cushion silently most days. So I try to get in my meditation fix any way I can. Some hardcore people may say that a walking or guided meditation doesn’t count, but at times, it’s all I can do. I did a nice guided meditation this morning, for example, and it really took the edge off what had been a stressful night last night 🙂

Needless to say, my own dealings with meditation inspired my latest quiz: How Should You Meditate? Give it a go, and let me know what you get. I’d also be curious to know if you meditate or do anything else similar to meditation – like prayer, yoga, etc!

New Quiz: What Dazed and Confused Character Are You?


Dazed and Confused is one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s just so fun and entertaining. I watched this gem from the 90s set in the 70s when I was sick one day many years ago, and it totally lifted my spirits. Now and then, I return to Dazed and Confused whenever I need a pick me up… and it totally works! It’s so fun to see some of my favorite actors, like Parker Posey and Matthew Mcconaughey before they were famous. Not to mention an Austin of many years ago 🙂

When I saw Dazed and Confused pop up on Netflix recently, I thought it would make for a good movie quiz. I love movies with ensemble casts for quizzes, because there is always a diverse cast of characters to choose from, at least personality wise. Take What Dazed and Confused Character Are You?, and let me know what you think!

Are you a fan of Dazed and Confused? If not, let me know what other high school movie you enjoy watching. It could be my next quiz!

New Quiz: What Color is Your Superhero Uniform?


What color superhero uniform should you wear?

Have you ever imagined yourself as a superhero? I know that I have. Lately, I have been really into the Marvel shows on Netflix (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage), and they have me daydreaming about a superhero life!

When I imagine myself as a superhero, I think about what my superhero name would be, what superpower I would have, and even what kind of superhero I would be. And thankfully, I already have quizzes for all that! But when I go further into my superhero plans, I need to know more specifics – like what would my uniform look like? Time for another quiz.

Are you also wondering what your superhero costume would look like? If so, take my latest quiz: What Color is Your Superhero Uniform? You’ll get a result based on color theory that tells you what sort of superhero you’d be, and what your personality is like in general.

What would your superhero costume look like? Take the quiz, and let me know what you get. Also let me know if you have any favorite superheroes 🙂

New Quiz: What Make of Car Are You?

Are you fun and free spirited like a Volkswagen?

Something you may not know about me is that I have a lot of saved quiz ideas in my files. How many? I’m embarrassed to say it’s almost two thousand at this point! Lately, I have been trying to go through and write some of the quizzes that I jotted down ideas for years ago… and this car one was the oldest.

It’s hard for me to believe that until now Blogthings hasn’t had the most basic of car quizzes. I realized that I better write one soon before generic self-driving car drones take over our highways 😉 I had a lot of fun writing this long overdue car quiz, and I hope you enjoy taking it: What Make of Car Are You?

I will be the first to admit that the outcomes are somewhat limited, only because there are so many makes of car these days. To include them all would have taken forever… both to write and to take the quiz! I tended to stick to iconic and luxury brands for this quiz just because they are cool outcomes to get, and the cars seem to be more differentiated. I hope you get a car you could imagine owning, even if it’s not the car you drive.

Take What Make of Car Are You?, and let me know what you think. Also let me know what your dream car would be 🙂

What’s Your Fall Drink Personality? 8 Quizzes to Find Out!

A chile mocha (or plain ole spicy mocha) is one of my favorite fall drinks!

A chile mocha (or plain ole spicy mocha) is one of my favorite fall drinks!

I don’t know about you, but my cravings always tell me when it’s fall. And the number one thing I crave in the fall are warm drinks. Yes, even during the warmer days of Texas fall, I still appreciate a warm and toasty drink on those chilly mornings.

Each fall I am inspired to write a couple new drink quizzes – and to retake some old favorites. Here are my personal picks for fall drink quizzes from Blogthings. Best taken with a warm drink, obviously 🙂

What Autumn Drink Are You? – Let’s start with the basics. What fall drink are you most like? I recommend this quiz to anyone who is not the craziest about trendy fall drinks, because it includes things like beer, apple cider, and mulled wine. With eight outcomes, this covers all the old and modern classics.

What Part of a Pumpkin Spice Latte Are You? – Are you crazy about the PSL? Or maybe just crazy for pumpkin spice? If so, this is the quiz for you. I will be the first to admit that I was a Pumpkin Spice Latte skeptic, and while the Starbucks version is too sweet for me, I do enjoy making my own homemade version!

What Starbucks Fall Drink Are You? – Do you think outside the pumpkin shell? This quiz celebrates all things fall at Starbucks – including Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I recently updated this quiz to include a couple new Starbucks drinks, so I think you’ll enjoy taking it, even if you’ve taken it before.

What Part of a Chai Tea Are You? – When it comes to fall drinks, I tend to go classic and prefer the perfect chai tea (plenty spicy, not too sweet). So of course, I had to include my quiz that pays homage to this delicious beverage!

What Does Your Latte Say About You? – While it’s true that a latte can be enjoyed year round, I really start to crave them in the fall. (Iced lattes are fine in summer, but they aren’t really lattes to me.) Give this quiz your latte preferences, and find out all about yourself!

What Starbucks Hot Chocolate Are You? – Hot chocolate is honestly more of a winter drink for me, but I do crave it on the coldest fall nights. I couldn’t leave this favorite cool weather treat out of the lineup, so here you go. Warning: I *always* crave a hot chocolate after taking this quiz.

The Cappuccino Test – So many fall drinks are such big treats, but sometimes I want something lighter and more portable. For my quick autumn fix, nothing is better that a small cappuccino. Do you agree? Pick your favorite cappuccino in this image quiz, and see what it says about you.

What Flavor Mocha Are You? – If I had to make one prediction about fall drinks, it would be that the mocha latte is going to be the new pumpkin spice latte one of these days. What do you think? I wouldn’t mind – I love a good mocha, especially if you make it spicy. Take this quiz to find out what mocha best suits you!


New Quiz: What Bold Color Are You?

woman surfing

What Bold Color Are You?

Do you love bold colors? I do! When I need a pick me up or a boost of confidence, I always turn toward bold colors. In particular, I like the bold colors that are more deep and saturated, as opposed to being simply bright.

When I was thinking about those saturated, bold colors that inspire me most, they all come from nature. There’s nothing better than a deep ocean blue or a bright fire red, as far as I’m concerned. Needless to say, these gorgeous natural colors were the basis of my latest quiz: What Bold Color Are You?

If you enjoy nature or simply appreciate bold colors, than this quiz is for you! This quiz stays true to the color archetypes we all know and love, but the more natural bend may give you a bit of new insight. While writing this quiz, I really became aware of all the ways people can be bold, and I hope it helps you discover your inner boldness!

How Do You Forgive?


Are you a forgiving person? I think forgiveness is difficult for all of us, myself included. (Myself especially!) Lately, I’ve been doing some research on what exactly it takes to forgive, and I think it’s pretty interesting stuff. We all reach forgiveness in our own ways, and it turns out that forgiveness is better for us than the person we are forgiving.

After thinking it over, I’ve come to see forgiveness as a way we all gain wisdom and maturity. It is never easy to forgive, and in some cases, it can take years. However, the path to forgiveness is a rich one, and I believe we are all better off for journeying down it. It’s not about who or what we are forgiving – it’s about coming to terms with what happened and moving on. And realizing all that helped me write my latest quiz.

Instead of being preachy about the benefits of forgiveness, I decided to write a quiz to unearth how each of us is already forgiving. Hopefully this quiz will show you the strength of your own forgiveness and encourage you to harness it in the future. I know it did for me. I found this to be a really rewarding quiz to write, and hopefully you find it rewarding to take: How Do You Forgive?

Share your result on Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest, and I’ll be sure to check it out. I love seeing what everyone gets on my quizzes!

What’s Your Ice Cream Personality?


Do you like ice cream? Of course I do, and I find myself gravitating towards this cool treat as the weather gets warmer. In fact, I was just thinking this morning, “Is there anyway to have ice cream for breakfast semi-responsibly?” Then it hit me… ice cream on waffles! I wish I had thought of that earlier…

I am sort of picky when it comes to ice cream, and that was my inspiration for this quiz. There are some types of ice cream I love – rich, lightly flavored, not too plain, not too icy. I don’t know if you can put me down for a particular flavor profile, but if you could it would have to be chocolate. And I never say no to a little whipped cream on top 🙂

There are a lot of ice cream personality quizzes on Blogthings, so I decided to make this one a little more philosophical. Flavors are great when it comes to ice cream and personality, but I don’t think that they tell the whole story. At your core, what kind of ice cream do you really like? After all, different ice cream flavors and toppings may come and go, but our ice cream personalities remain. Take the quiz to see what you get: What’s Your Ice Cream Personality?

Share your quiz results on Twitter, Pinterest, or Tumblr – and I’ll check them out. I love seeing what y’all get on my quizzes 🙂

P.S. This quiz is sponsored by MyPoints. I love using this site to earn free dining gift cards – it’s the perfect way to treat yourself to a decadent ice cream dessert. Go ahead, sign up and then treat yourself to something delicious. It’s easy to earn free gift cards for ice cream (or anything else) simply from surfing the web and watching videos.

What’s Your Aussie Name?


Have you ever dreamed of being Australian? I think I would love it! Sydney is one of my favorite cities in the world, and I really dig the whole beach scene out there. I love how Australia is so laid back – but with so much culture. Count me in for living there, although I guess I would need an Australian name 🙂

If you’re like me and dying to be a part-time Aussie, then you’ll like my latest name quiz: What’s Your Aussie Name? This one is based on popular, modern Australian names. And I really dig them. Find out what you would be called in Australia – I think you might be pleasantly surprised.

P.S. This quiz is brought to you today by GlobalTestMarket. Are you an opinionated and savvy consumer? Get paid for your opinions! I get a lot of Amazon gift cards this way, and it’s free to sign up.

Happy National Hot Dog Day!

A scrumptious barbecued hotdog with relish, onions, mustard and ketchup rests on a picnic table waiting to be consumed.

Do you love hot dogs? Well, you’re in luck because today is National Hot dog Day! Check out these fun hot dog themed quizzes to celebrate – I promise you’ll be craving a hot dog by the time you’re done with them:

What Does Your Hot Dog Say About You?

What Type of Hot Dog Are You?

P.S. These quizzes are brought to you by Swagbucks – my ultimate favorite place to earn cash and gift cards online. It’s so easy to earn free stuff by watching videos and surfing the web that you’ll have a free hot dog or two in no time 🙂