Which of Santa’s Reindeer Should You Adopt?

beautiful christmas reindeer

Do you love the story of Santa and his reindeer? I have been fascinated by Santa’s reindeer from a young age, probably because I have always been an animal lover. Growing up in Colorado, there was a kids’ amusement park called Santa’s Workshop that actually had live reindeer. I loved to visit with them in between riding all the kiddie rides.

My husband always teases me a bit about reindeer once we learned that people from Norway (like many of my relatives) eat reindeer meat and even sometimes put it in their coffee. I think I’ll pass on this cultural tradition and stick to just enjoying reindeers as sweet holiday animals. I prefer to think of them as cuddly friends and not as tasty treats.

I got the idea of adopting a reindeer in my head after re-watching one of my favorite holiday movies, Elf. While clearly the movie has nothing to do with reindeers, I was reminded at the end of how essential they are to Santa’s journey. I wouldn’t mind taking care of a couple for the remainder of the year, provided they got along with my dog :) Also, while I know I’m allowed to have a small goat here in my backyard in Austin, I’ll have to check on the status of reindeer.

Are you like me and totally loving the idea of adopting a reindeer? Than take my latest quiz to see which reindeer you should adopt: Which of Santa’s Reindeer Should You Adopt? Let me know what you get as your result and how well it fits you. This quiz will tell you a lot about your holiday personality :)

Discussion question: Which of Santa’s reindeer is your favorite?

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What Traditionally Jewish Food Are You?

potato latkes
Time got away from me this month, and before I realized it, the holidays were upon us. Luckily, I got all of my shopping done already :) I went to two different holiday events last weekend, and I’m just realizing that I only have a little over a week to get all my light gazing, song listening, and movie watching in before the time has passed until next year.

Speaking of the holidays, some of you already may know that Hanukkah starts at sunset today! Happy Hanukkah to everyone, and I thought it would be fun to write a related quiz to mark the occasion. I am not well versed enough in Jewish holidays to write a very specific quiz yet (please give me suggestions though!), so I decided to write about what I do know… food :)

I am a big fan of the traditionally Jewish foods I’ve tried. They often remind me of my childhood, because I grew up eating a lot of fish and potatoes in my Norwegian home. Something like the latkes above would fit right in perfectly at our holiday table. Other foods, like bagels, remind me of my travels to places I love, like New York City. It’s not so easy to find good traditionally Jewish food here in Austin, although some of that is starting to change. There is a wonderful kosher deli inside one of the regular supermarkets nearby where I’m able to get a pretty good bagel with lox :)

To find which traditionally Jewish food best fits you, take my latest quiz: What Traditionally Jewish Food Are You? Let me know what you get on this quiz, and if you think the result fits you.

Discussion questions: What food do you like to celebrate the holidays with?

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What’s Your Modern Temperament?

content and happy woman

Have you ever taken a temperament style personality test? You may be surprised to learn that you have if you’ve ever taken a quiz that gives you  result like INTP or ESFJ? (Here’s my most popular temperament quiz: What’s Your Personality Type?

The idea of personality temperaments goes back far in time, way back to the time of Hippocrates in 450 BC. Hippocrates developed four different personality temperaments, and many modern personality quizzes are still based on them. Hippocrates four distinct temperaments were: choleric (emotional and sensitive), phlegmatic (cool and detached), melancholic (very serious), and sanguine (impulsive and excitable). If you’d like to take a quiz on these personality temperament types, it’s here: What Temperament Are You?

The four temperaments show up throughout a variety of personality quizzes. Most element quizzes and even more corporate style tests like DiSC are based on the four personalty temperaments. Even the most popular personality quiz, the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) is an offshoot of the four temperaments.

So given the long history of personality temperament theory, I wasn’t too surprised to come across a new, modern theory of temperament by Brian Lewis. I like these archetypes a lot, because they are very relatable. I decided to base a quiz off of them, and in case you are a MBTI nerd like me, here is how they correspond to that test: Polite / Guardian (SJ), Daring / Artisan (SP), Compassionate / Idealist (NF), and Skeptical / Rational (NT).

Are you ready to find out what your modern temperament is? Take my latest quiz to learn if you’re polite, daring, compassionate, or skeptical: What’s Your Modern Temperament? Comment and let me know what you get. How true is it for you?

Discussion question: How does your modern temperament compare to your MBTI type?

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What Should You Do With Snow?

woman skiing in snow

Do you like snow? I love snow, at least in theory. Snow is the number one thing I miss most about living in a colder place. (The thing I miss least happens to be the cold, so I have quite a dilemma.) I love that magical feeling of the first snow of the season. Each year, it’s one of the top moments of my life.

I grew up in a pretty snowy place, so I’m well acquainted with the pleasures of snow. I like to ski (too klutzy to snowboard) and to go sledding (with a soft landing). I used to build epic snow forts as a kid, and I like a good snowball fight, as long as no one puts rocks in the snowballs!

However, the absolute number one thing I like about snow is being snowed in – especially if I don’t have anywhere to go. I love the cozy feeling of being under a blanket of snow, and I even don’t mind if I can’t get out the front door in the worst of storms. I brew up some tea, do a little old fashioned Scandinavian baking, and get out my favorite books and DVDs. A snowed in party is my kind of party, even if I’m all by myself :)

What about you? Are you a fan of snow? Take my latest quiz to see what sort of snow activity would best suit you: What Should You Do With Snow? Let me know what you get on this quiz and what you think of your result.

Discussion questions: What is your favorite thing about snow (assuming that you like it!)? Have you gotten any snow yet this year?

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What Brunch Dish Are You?

raspberry french toast

Do you like brunch? I love a leisurely brunch (or even breakfast) whenever I can get one. I generally prefer to cook my own brunch, taking my time and making exactly what I want to eat. (Like homemade blueberry pancakes… yum!) But there’s also something magical about going out to a lazy brunch as well. And it’s nice to have someone clean up for you when it’s over.

I thought it would be fun to write a quiz about brunch, which I consider very different than breakfast. For me, breakfast is more about getting ready for the day. It’s functional, sometimes rather boring, and often solitary. I like breakfast just fine, but it’s nothing I get too excited about.

Brunch, on the other hand, is an event – even if I’m the only one eating it. By definition, it’s a little lackadaisical because it starts later in the day. Brunch tends to be (and should be) more indulgent. Brunch is often social and adventurous. It includes dishes you normally don’t eat and people you normally don’t see. Brunch can be many ways. It can be romantic and private or social and public. Brunch can be upscale and chic or homey and traditional.

Now that I’ve got you thinking about brunch, I’d like to present my latest quiz: What Brunch Dish Are You? Find out what kind of brunch-er you may be and which brunch dish best suits you. Let me know what you get on this quiz and what you think of your result.

Discussion questions: What’s your favorite brunch dish? Do you like muffins at brunch? Check out What Kind of Muffin Are You? More of a bagel person? Take What Kind of Bagel Are You?

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What’s Your Strongest Sense?

woman smelling rose

Have you felt in tune with your senses lately? I sure have. The holiday season awakens all five senses for me, usually starting with smell – as I get my Christmas tree every weekend after Thanksgiving. I realize that it may seem a bit seasonally inappropriate to include a woman smelling a rose for a sense quiz this time of year, but December is the month for roses here in Austin. I love to go through my neighborhood checking out holiday decorations and smelling roses!

When it comes to my senses, it’s hard to pick just one that I use the most. I feel like I’m pretty sensitive to all five senses… too sensitive some would say. It’s very painful for me to go out on a bright day without sunglasses or to have to listen to a quiet but annoying noise. Luckily, I do think this sensitivity can be a gift – as long as I can take a deep breath, relax, and observe. It’s hard to be bored in life if you can really tap into your senses. Just a smell, sound, or feel of the air can transport you to another place. It’s pretty cool!

What about you? Do you have a particular sense that overwhelms you? Or are all of them quite strong? Find out with my latest quiz: What’s Your Strongest Sense? Let me know what you get for your result, and if you think it fits.

Discussion questions: What sense do you tap into most during the holidays? Take What’s Your Autumn Sense? and / or What’s Your Winter Sense? (depending on what season you feel like it is). What’s your result?

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What’s Your Silly Thanksgiving Name?

two turkeys

I love serious, more contemplative quizzes, but I also like to have fun too! Today’s quiz is just all about goofy Thanksgiving fun, and I hope you like it! What’s Your Silly Thanksgiving Name? Get a fun name for everyone at your Thanksgiving table if you’d like.

Want more fun Thanksgiving names? Check out What’s Your Pilgrim Name? for a bit of American name history. I based this off of old pilgrim names, and it’s a Blogthings Thanksgiving classic. Looking for just a fun Thanksgiving themed name? Try What’s Your Thanksgiving Name?

If you’ve been following Blogthings for a while, you know that I love writing holiday quizzes. And Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays to write quizzes for. I just love the traditions, spirit, and food(!) of this holiday so much. One my my favorite Thanksgiving quizzes is: What Thanksgiving Dish Are You? I think my outcome changes every year.

If your Thanksgiving is anything like mine, there’s always a few characters at the table. Find out which one you are with What Thanksgiving Dinner Guest Are You? If you ask me, the best part of Thanksgiving is the leftovers – so I wrote a whole quiz about them! What Thanksgiving Leftovers Are You?

Finally, in the spirit of holiday fun, here’s a few Thanksgiving jokes that made me laugh this year:

Why did the cranberry turn red? Because it saw the turkey dressing.

Why do pilgrims’ pants fall down? Because they wear their buckles on their hats.

What did the turkey say to the computer? “Google, Google, Google”

What’s the best music to listen to on Thanksgiving? Plymouth rock!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Discussion questions: What’s your silly Thanksgiving name? What goofy or fun Thanksgiving traditions do you enjoy?

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What US Region Do You Eat Thanksgiving Like?

thanksgiving meal

Are you getting excited for Thanksgiving? I am! I love to cook up my favorites every year, and I have been looking forward to this meal for weeks. I have all my grocery shopping finished, and I’m ready to get cooking in a couple of days. Unlike some people, I like to do all the cooking myself so that the meal can be just how I like it. It’s definitely more work that way, but I have a system that involves a couple slow cookers and a couple ovens :)

I’ve noticed that everyone I know has different opinions on what makes the best Thanksgiving meal, and according to some research, there are definite regional variations in the US when it comes to Thanksgiving. Makes sense to me! I never wanted to include pecans in my meal until I moved to Texas and had a few pecan trees. I suppose if I had a specific regional influence it would be Southwestern Scandinavian ;-) I’ll have to take the quiz to see where I fit in more broadly.

Do you have a region that your Thanksgiving meal is most like? My latest quiz represents Thanksgiving preferences from four regions in the United States. You may be surprised by what you get on this one: What US Region Do You Eat Thanksgiving Like? Let me know what region your Thanksgiving is most like and if you think your results are accurate. (If anyone is curious, I based this quiz off a few years of search data from recipe sites.)

Discussion questions: What Thanksgiving dish do you like to eat that’s a little outside the norm? Where did you eat most of your Thanksgiving growing up?

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What Flavor Mini Pie Are You?

mini apple pie

Have you had a mini pie lately? I have been hearing that they’re the latest food trend, and I could use a break from cupcakes :) I mean, don’t get me wrong… frosting and cake are great. But there’s something just so comforting about a flaky crust with a delicious filling inside. Maybe some whipped cream or ice cream on top too. Mmmmmmm!

Needless to say, I love pie. And what’s better than having a whole little pie to yourself. Mini pies definitely appeal to me. I love the idea of a tiny little pie – or even better, a collection of a ton of mini pies in various flavors – pumpkin, apple, chocolate. This year I’m still doing a full sized pie for Thanksgiving (going classically pumpkin), but I could imagine rocking a variety of mini pies in the future.

Are you as enchanted with mini pies as I am? Or just pie in general? What mini pie flavor best fits you? Take my latest quiz to find out: What Flavor Mini Pie Are You? Let me know what you get and what you think of your result.

And if you are pie crazy, check out: What Kind of Pie Are You?, What Holiday Pie Are You?, and The Pie Test! It’s making me hungry to check out all these quizzes, so watch out! I can’t promise that you won’t want pie for your next meal :) Reminding myself that it may be a good idea to write a savory pie quiz one of these days to show shepherd’s pie and pot pie a little love!

Discussion questions: What’s your favorite pie flavor – mini or otherwise? Do you like anything special with your pie like coffee, ice cream, or whipped cream?

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What Kind of Me Time Do You Need?

woman playing violin

Do you like your ‘me’ time? I try to get in some time for myself every day. I am a hardcore introvert, and I need a lot of time alone to feel calm and happy. I have learned that it’s important for me to carve out this time no matter what else is going on in my life. I think many other people feel the same way :) I originally started writing quizzes as part of my ‘me time’ – and it still remains something I like to do for alone time. And of course, I also like taking quizzes to relax.

I find it especially difficult to get my me time in when everyone else wants to be social – like the weekends and the holidays. I do my best to be a somewhat normal person and participate in the world, but I usually have to spend the rest of my weekend or holiday resting. It’s hard to find a good balance. One time I’m trying to do is get some me time in when I’m around others, even if it means sneaking away for a walk around the block.

When it comes to alone time, it’s hard to know exactly what we need to feel good. Do you need to get busy and productive? Or do you just need to veg? Take my latest quiz to learn what sort of alone time you need: What Kind of Me Time Do You Need? Let me know what you get on this quiz, and if you think it fits the type of me time you need.

Discussion question: What’s your favorite way to get some me time? Want more ideas for how to relax? Take another quiz I wrote:  http://www.blogthings.com/howshouldyoudestressquiz/

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