How Do You Forgive?


Are you a forgiving person? I think forgiveness is difficult for all of us, myself included. (Myself especially!) Lately, I’ve been doing some research on what exactly it takes to forgive, and I think it’s pretty interesting stuff. We all reach forgiveness in our own ways, and it turns out that forgiveness is better for us than the person we are forgiving.

After thinking it over, I’ve come to see forgiveness as a way we all gain wisdom and maturity. It is never easy to forgive, and in some cases, it can take years. However, the path to forgiveness is a rich one, and I believe we are all better off for journeying down it. It’s not about who or what we are forgiving – it’s about coming to terms with what happened and moving on. And realizing all that helped me write my latest quiz.

Instead of being preachy about the benefits of forgiveness, I decided to write a quiz to unearth how each of us is already forgiving. Hopefully this quiz will show you the strength of your own forgiveness and encourage you to harness it in the future. I know it did for me. I found this to be a really rewarding quiz to write, and hopefully you find it rewarding to take: How Do You Forgive?

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What’s Your Ice Cream Personality?


Do you like ice cream? Of course I do, and I find myself gravitating towards this cool treat as the weather gets warmer. In fact, I was just thinking this morning, “Is there anyway to have ice cream for breakfast semi-responsibly?” Then it hit me… ice cream on waffles! I wish I had thought of that earlier…

I am sort of picky when it comes to ice cream, and that was my inspiration for this quiz. There are some types of ice cream I love – rich, lightly flavored, not too plain, not too icy. I don’t know if you can put me down for a particular flavor profile, but if you could it would have to be chocolate. And I never say no to a little whipped cream on top 🙂

There are a lot of ice cream personality quizzes on Blogthings, so I decided to make this one a little more philosophical. Flavors are great when it comes to ice cream and personality, but I don’t think that they tell the whole story. At your core, what kind of ice cream do you really like? After all, different ice cream flavors and toppings may come and go, but our ice cream personalities remain. Take the quiz to see what you get: What’s Your Ice Cream Personality?

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What’s Your Aussie Name?


Have you ever dreamed of being Australian? I think I would love it! Sydney is one of my favorite cities in the world, and I really dig the whole beach scene out there. I love how Australia is so laid back – but with so much culture. Count me in for living there, although I guess I would need an Australian name 🙂

If you’re like me and dying to be a part-time Aussie, then you’ll like my latest name quiz: What’s Your Aussie Name? This one is based on popular, modern Australian names. And I really dig them. Find out what you would be called in Australia – I think you might be pleasantly surprised.

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Happy National Hot Dog Day!

A scrumptious barbecued hotdog with relish, onions, mustard and ketchup rests on a picnic table waiting to be consumed.

Do you love hot dogs? Well, you’re in luck because today is National Hot dog Day! Check out these fun hot dog themed quizzes to celebrate – I promise you’ll be craving a hot dog by the time you’re done with them:

What Does Your Hot Dog Say About You?

What Type of Hot Dog Are You?

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What Should Your Favorite Color Be?


Do you have a favorite color? Are you sure it’s your favorite color? I don’t know about you, but every so often, I have a favorite color identity crisis. I like to think that my favorite color is purple, but I’m not always sure. Purple is best in small doses, and I may get too much of it 🙂 Also, I know that purple lovers are supposed to be wise, but I’m not so sure about that one for myself.

So I decided to write a quiz that tells you what your favorite color should be based on your life philosophy. This is a fun one to take anytime – your results will probably vary from day to day and hour to hour. Check it out to get your own custom favorite color: What Should Your Favorite Color Be?

So far I’m seeing a lot of people surprised by what color they get (orange, anyone?). Some people are using the quiz to reaffirm their favorite color – mostly those who are blue fans 🙂 Post your quiz result on Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest and I’ll see it 🙂

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What Color Ice Cream Cone Are You?

Ahhhh, it really feels like summer here in Austin. Shorts are mandatory, and I feel sorry for anyone whose air conditioning breaks this week. It’s definitely ice cream eating weather, so I thought I would get a jump on the season in the rest of the country with an ice cream quiz.

When I first saw the colorful images for today’s quiz, I was hit with inspiration! I think that you can break ice cream flavors down by color – green is tangy, brown is deep, white is clean, etc. I hope you enjoy my take on the old favorite ice cream personality quiz with this one 🙂

What Color Ice Cream Cone Are You?

Which of the Six Californias Should You Live In?

I don’t know if you heard, but a while ago, someone had the zany idea to spilt California into six states. This idea got some traction but ultimately didn’t make it to the ballot. I have no opinion on the matter, but I thought that thinking of California as six regions was great material for a quiz!

If California was split up, where would you live?

Which of the Six Californias Should You Live In?

What Kind of Bohemian Are You?

Do you feel like you deviate from the mainstream? I have a feeling that most of us quiz takers (and makers) feel that we do. Anyone introspective enough to take quizzes and think about psychology is at least a little bohemian.

Today’s quiz explores how you are the most bohemian. Where do you differ the most? Take it to find out:

What Kind of Bohemian Are You?

What Germanic Language Should You Learn?

Do you speak any Germanic languages? Trick question! If you can read this, that means you speak the most widely spoken Germanic language: English

I grew up in a household that spoke a few Germanic languages from time to time (English of course, but also Norwegian, German, and Swedish). Even though I have been exposed to Germanic languages a lot, I find them difficult to learn compared to Romance languages like French and Spanish. I keep trying!

To help me and anyone else interested in Germanic languages, I wrote a new quiz: What Germanic Language Should You Learn? Let me know what you think of your result 🙂

What Germanic Language Should You Learn?

What Color is Your Glow?

Whether you believe in auras or not, we all have a certain vibe or “glow” that we project to the world. This glow can change over time, or even over the course of a day – as some takers of my latest quiz have already discovered. Take it for yourself to see what color glow you have!

What Color is Your Glow?