What Kind of Healthy Are You?

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Are you a healthy person? I like to look at health in a variety of ways… it’s not just about not being sick. I think emotional and social health are also important – and almost certainly contribute to physical health. I wish people focused a bit more on those things, to be honest :)

My latest quiz looks at all aspects of health and tells you where you really shine. Even if your physical health isn’t the best, you may be surprised to see where you are healthy in your life. Take this quiz to find out: What Kind of Healthy Are You?

Discussion question: What’s the number one thing you do to stay healthy?

What Basic Recipe Should You Make?


Do you like to cook? I try to cook as often as I can at home, and often what I make is not very elaborate. I believe that good home cooked food can be the simplest recipes if prepared well. I used to not be very proud of my cooking because it’s often so basic, but over the years I have learned to embrace simplicity – especially if it’s paired with high quality ingredients.

If you ask me, too many of us think we have to keep up with lifestyle bloggers, television, and Pinterest when it comes to things in the home. Not every meal has to be groundbreaking to be good – and it certainly doesn’t have to be photography worthy. Thinking about my love of simple recipes led me to write my latest quiz today, and hopefully it will inspire you to whip up something simple and delicious of your own.

Do you also like simple cooking? Take my latest quiz to find out what basic recipe would suit you! What Basic Recipe Should You Make? Let me know what you get on the quiz. Would you actually make the recipe.

For simplicity, I didn’t include any of the recipes pictured. However, if you would like the recipe for that outcome (or any outcome), simply ask me in the comments, and I will make it happen!

Discussion question: What is your favorite simple recipe to make?

What Australian City Are You?


Have you ever dreamed of visiting Australia? I think it seems like such an interesting country to visit, and I’d like to see more of it. I have only been to Sydney, but that was enough of a taste to make me want to go to every city. They seem cool and cultured but also very laid back. And I’d like to go to every Australian beach. And the outback :)

I think I had Australia on the brain this week because I’m really excited about a new movie coming out called Tracks. It is about a woman who travels across the outback by herself, and it looks so beautiful and compelling. But I’m not really an outdoors person, not that big of one… so I decided to focus on Australian cities instead with today’s quiz!

Want to know where you should begin your Australian journey? Take my latest quiz: What Australian City Are You? Let me know what you get as your result. Would you like to visit the city you got? Why or why not?

Today isn’t Friday, but I have five questions to answer anyway! Answer them below or link to your answers on your own blog :)

  1. Have you ever been to Australia? Where? If not, what’s the closest you’ve been?
  2. What would you like best about an Australian vacation?
  3. Would you prefer to be on the populated eastern coast with Sydney or the western unpopulated coast with Perth?
  4. Take the quiz: What Australian Animal Are You? What do you get?
  5. Also take What Australian Food Are You? What’s your result?

What’s Your Manicure Style?

purple nails

While summer is definitely the season to get a pedicure, this time of year is my favorite for manicures. There are so many fun colors to play with, and I love how fall such a great season for fashion in general. As we experiment with new fall looks, I love making manicures a part of that as well. And I love how manicures these days are so whimsical. All the colors, designs, and even bling inspire me.

I am not usually one to treat myself to a manicure in a salon, not when I can DIY it for a few cents and an afternoon of Netflix watching. Besides, if I paint my own nails, I can change them as often as I’d like. So I’m always on the lookout for new manicure looks, and I spend a lot of time thinking about what your manicure may say about you.

Take my latest quiz to see what manicure style matches your personality: What’s Your Manicure Style? Let me know what you get and what you think of your result. Do you like to get manicures? Would you get one like the one in your result?

Discussion question: When was the last time you got a manicure? Did you DIY it or get it done in a salon?

Are You an Anglophile or a Francophile?

british lady

Do you consider yourself a fan of British or French culture? I like a both British and French things, and I was trying to decide recently which country was closest to my heart. It’s a tough call! I traveled to France many years ago and loved it, and I’ve even gone through the trouble of learning un peu de français. However, there is nothing I like more than a good modern British television show like Doctor Who or Downton Abbey.

Instead of staying confused about where my loyalties lie, I decided to write a quiz to sort things out. I know there are many cultures that we all are fans of, but traditionally, Francophilia and Anglophilia are the most common. So no worried if you prefer Japan, Mexico, Italy, or one of many other cool countries. Those may be in a future quiz! Today is all about exploring the basics though… so just France and England.

To see which of these two cultural powerhouses you belong in, take my latest quiz: Are You an Anglophile or a Francophile? Let me know what you get and what you think of your result. Do you identify with being either an Anglophile or Francophile? How come? Would you like to live in either France or the UK one day?

Discussion question: What country’s culture (besides your own) are you an enthusiast of?

What Tea Latte Are You?

chai latte

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s starting to be tea latte season in my neck of the woods. A tea latte is a lot like a regular latte, but instead of espresso, it’s all about the high quality tea. You’ve probably had a chai tea latte if you’ve ever had a tea latte. I also like tea lattes with green teas and black teas like earl grey.

I drink a lot of tea while writing Blogthings quizzes. Tea gives me just enough caffeine to get going with writing, but not so much that it makes me crazy. If anything is my muse, it’s tea – and while I like it plain, it’s hard to resist with some steamed milk (or in my case almond milk) and sweetener. I’ve found that a lot of teas that taste too strong for me alone work beautifully in a tea latte. I am a big fan of red tea lattes these days :)

I was inspired to write about tea lattes because so many of my lovely Blogthings quiz takers are into tea. We have a lot of coffee quizzes on Blogthings, but we are still a bit lacking in the tea department. Every time I write a coffee quiz, many of you ask for more tea quizzes… so I’m here to deliver! My latest quiz will hopefully be a welcome addition to my growing tea category: What Tea Latte Are You? Let me know what you get on this tea quiz, and if you like your result.

Discussion question: What’s your favorite type of tea? Would you like to try it as a latte if you haven’t already?

What’s Your Fall Style?

fall fashion

Do you feel like fall is in full swing in your neck of the woods? I feel it here for sure, and I love the cooler temperatures. While I’m not quite ready to break out a jacket yet, I love that I can throw on a scarf or sweater some evenings.

What about you? Do you enjoy fall clothes? I love dressing for fall, so I wrote a whole quiz about fall fashion!  Check out my latest quiz: What’s Your Fall Style? Let me know what you get and how true it is for you. (Guys, you are more than welcome to take this girls only quiz, but you may want to skip the shoe question.)

Discussion question: What clothing do you look forward to wearing each fall?

What Does Your Favorite Condiment Say About You?

bbq sauce

Do you like condiments? I love them! I enjoy jazzing up almost any meal with a condiment or two… and they’re great for fixing so-so meals up into masterpieces.

I thought it would be fun to write a very simple quiz about condiments and personality, one that included many condiment choices. Check out my latest quiz: What Does Your Favorite Condiment Say About You? Let me know what you get on this quiz and if you think it’s true for you.

Discussion question: What’s your all time favorite condiment?

How Do You Perceive the World?


Do you see the world in your own way? I think we can all agree that we do… it’s why we’re here taking personality quizzes :) There are so many ways in which we perceive the world uniquely, but I decided to focus on the big differences today.

To see your unique spin on the world, take my latest quiz: How Do You Perceive the World? This quiz is a spin on contemporary personality theory. Let me know what you get and what you think of your result.

Discussion question: What is your MBTI type? Did it match up with your result today?

What Part of Oktoberfest Are You?

oktoberfest celebration

Have you ever been to Oktoberfest? It seems like a lot of fun to me! I would probably enjoy the beer a little… and the pretzels, music, and costumes a lot. I think it’s cool that so many areas in the United States are starting to have Oktoberfest celebrations – I hope to get to one someday :)

What about you? Are you interested in Oktoberfest? Take my latest quiz to see what you would like about Octoberfest: What Part of Oktoberfest Are You? Let me know what you get and if you agree with your result!

Discussion question: Have you ever been to an Oktoberfest? If not, would you like to go to one?