What Fine Herb Are You?


Are you familiar with fine herbs? Chives, parsley, tarragon, and chervil are classic french herbs that go perfectly in summer cooking. And of course, they each have a distinct personality that I love.

Whether you love fine herbs or are just learning about them today, I hope you’ll enjoy my latest quiz: What Fine Herb Are You? Let me know what you get and if it suits you!

What Style of Chair Are You?


Do you have a favorite chair? I love a certain chair in my house so much, and I think it says a lot about me. I go for comfort above all else, but that doesn’t stop me from trying out cool looking chairs every time I go to IKEA.

What kind of chair best suits you? Take my latest quiz to find out! What Style of Chair Are You? Let me know what you think of this quiz and your result!

What Kitchen Utensil Are You?

kitchen utensils

Do you have a favorite kitchen utensil? I know that I definitely do, and I have a couple backups around just in case. I think the utensil we gravitate towards says a lot about us in the kitchen. I’ve always wished that I could be an expert whisker, but I’m more of a flipper ;-)

If you’re curious about your kitchen personality, then take my latest quiz: What Kitchen Utensil Are You? Let me know what you get and if it fits your kitchen personality style!

What Kind of Toes Do You Have?

collection of toes

Do you feel a bit different from the rest of the world? I think we all do in our own way, even if we aren’t wearing colorful toe socks. My latest quiz is a riff on the old Five Factor personality quiz, focusing on your strength factor that really makes you shine.

To see how you’re special, take: What Kind of Toes Do You Have? What personality characteristic makes you tick? Comment and let me know if you agree with your result!

What Kind of Olive Oil Are You?

olive oil

Do you like olive oil? I love it, and it always reminds me of summer. I think summer is a great time for lighter foods with just a dash of olive oil :-) Or any other high quality oil is good too.

I was inspired by my love of olive oil to write my latest quiz: What Kind of Olive Oil Are You? It’s part culinary and part personality. I hope you’re delighted by your result :-)

Is Your Style East Coast or West Coast?

woman in leather jacket

Do you feel like you fit in better on the east or west coast with your style? I’m definitely a west coast gal, unless you can now wear flip flops to the opera in Boston ;-) While I’m sure I can’t begin to settle any East vs West fashion rivalry, I can weigh in with a quiz…

Is Your Style East Coast or West Coast? Take my latest quiz to find out! What do you think of your result? Do you prefer a certain city or coast for fashion?

What’s Your Holland Personality Type?

woman working

When you were in school, did you ever take a career aptitude test? I took a few, but of course, quiz writers were never on the list :-) I think career aptitude tests can be interesting, especially if they focus more on strengths and less on specific careers.

If you did take one of those career tests in school, it was probably based on Holland Occupational Themes. I’ve given this old test my own spin, and it’s good for people in any part of their career. (And if you don’t work, it’s still good for figuring out what you’re good at.) Check it out and let me know what you think: What’s Your Holland Personality Type?

What Color Motivates You?

white living room

What gets you up and going every day? What do you live for? I have been reading a lot about motivational styles lately, and I find it fascinating. I used to feel like I was more motivated by hard work in life, but now I am motivated by calm and relaxation.

My latest quiz tests your motivational style: What Color Motivates You? I based it on some color archetypes for motivation personalities, so you will notice that it doesn’t align with color theory. If you’re used to getting a certain color on color quizzes, your result may surprise you :-)

What Beachy Cocktail Are You?

beachy-cocktailsI’m not sure what my perfect life would look like, but I’m pretty sure it would involve sitting on the beach somewhere sipping a cool drink. That would be the life, at least until I got sunburned :-) I may not be able to get away to the beach this summer, but I can dream.

What beach drink best suits you? I went for alcoholic drinks for a little Friday fun, but substitute in the mocktail version if you don’t drink! What Beachy Cocktail Are You? Let me know what you get, and if you’re planning on heading to the beach this summer!